Wooden penthouse - how to use wood in the interior

Wiktor Bochenek
06 of April '22

Wood in modern interior design is not limited to mere paneling. This is best evidenced by the realization of a Warsaw penthouse apartment, carried out by the studio Loft Kolasinski.

na dachu zdecydowano się na niewielki, kolorowy mural

A small, colorful mural was decided on the roof

photo by Joel Hauck, © Loft Kolasinski

betting on wood

Creative use of wood in contemporary projects is nothing new. Geometric patterns on the walls were relied on by Finch studio in one of its Wroclaw realizations(See here). In the case of the Loft Kolasinski penthouse interior design, they opted for a more static use of wood.

The penthouse was built in the superstructure of a Warsaw restored 1912 townhouse. All functional spaces required a general renovation of the rooms. The furniture and accessories were designed by Loft Kolasinski studios.

drewno to podstawa wykończenia wszystkich wnętrz poza łazienką

Wood is the basis for finishing all interiors except the bathroom

photo by Joel Hauck, © Loft Kolasinski

round shapes and vertical laths - living room

The living room is the most important place in the house. Here the designers focused on the use of wood. A herringbone pattern was used on the floor, part of which was finished in light wood. In this way, a delicate "zebra" effect was created. Giving dynamics to the interior. Partitions and furniture fronts were made in wood. Vertical frets were used here, giving dynamics to the space. On the side of the hallway there was a wooden cabinet connecting with the kitchen.

charakterystyczne pionowe frezy nadają dynamikę wnętrzu

The characteristic vertical frets give dynamics to the interior

Photo: Joel Hauck, © Loft Kolasinski

Furniture in the living room was limited to the most basic - a small coffee table, a minimalist sofa in a shade of deep purple and a bottle green armchair. Next to it is an additional small sofa and a second, larger table. The designer opted for a diffused light source.

to nie tylko wyjątkowy zabieg estetyczny, ale również istotna część funkcjonalna

This is not only a unique aesthetic treatment, but also an important functional component

Photo by Joel Hauck, © Loft Kolasinski

space of thought - the study

The apartment includes a small study. Again, a two-tone herringbone was decided upon. There is a small study desk by the window, which allows for relaxed and pleasant work. An interesting solution is a bookcase filled with books. The lower part of the development of this piece of furniture is based on alternating horizontal and vertical frets. A poster of a Stanley Kubrick film is visible on the wall.

wnętrze gabinetu jest minimalistyczne, co pozwala lepiej skupić się na pracy

The interior of the study is minimalist, which allows you to better focus on your work

photo by Joel Hauck, © Loft Kolasinski

terrazzo beauty - bathroom

The floor made of terrazzo shows the potential of this material - still negatively associated. The basis was white with colorful details, and it's worth noting the introduction of a dozen lamps, which allow the right choice of light. The only wooden furniture in the bathroom are the cabinets.

wielobarwne lastryko to interesujące rozwiązanie dla podłogi łazienki

Multicolored terrazzo is an interesting solution for the bathroom floor

Photo by Joel Hauck, © Loft Kolasinski

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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