Apartment full of wood

18 of March '22

The windows of an apartment building built on the site of a former brewery in Wroclaw overlook a beautiful view of the river. This unique view is complemented by an equally unique interior maintained in a subdued style, dominated by wood.

w mieszkaniu istotne były detale - budujące klimat mieszkanie

Details were important in the apartment - building the atmosphere of the apartment

Photo: Studio Resources © Finch Studio

The arrangement of the Wroclaw apartment was developed by Finch Studio. This unique interior became an incredible challenge and a design puzzle. The most important thing was to reconcile the passion of the investors along with their love for the texture of wood.

relying on wood

The interior was to have a subdued color scheme, close to the dark color scheme. The living area was combined with a small dining room and kitchenette. The color scheme was to promote a casual, cozy atmosphere. A fondness for wooden textures is evident in all rooms. A custom-made bookcase was installed on the wall opposite the lounge area. Cubic, colorful shelves will accommodate a sizable collection of lego constructions, owned by the investor.

drewno jest najważniejszym elementem budującym klimat wnętrz

Wood is the most important element that builds the atmosphere of the entire arrangement

Photo: Studio Resources © Finch Studio

Naturalness and simplicity were important for the investors. So we opted for natural materials that age nicely: solid wood, leather, wool, velour. Detail and the highest quality of furniture were important. I personally dealt with orders, coordinated them, presented samples of materials, checked whether they would play with each other," answers Magda Kwoczka.

jadalnia znalazła się między aneksem kuchennym i salonem

The dining room was placed between the kitchenette and living room

Photo: Studio Resources © Finch Studio

Wooden wall decorations appear in every room. The patterns were varied - from vertical stripes to intricate geometric designs. Tin closets - used, among others, in the bedroom space - contrast with the wood. The same openwork fronts were installed in the built-in closet in the entrance hall. Additional storage space was obtained in the utility room, which is accessed by a door hidden behind a sheet of mirror.

Aneks kuchenny to zderzenie drewna i kontrastujących szarych frontów

The kitchenette is a clash of wood and contrasting gray fronts

Photo: Studio Resources © Finch Studio

robot tales

This project was also about taking into account the investors' individual needs. It's hard not to notice the inspiration from the world of science-fiction and fantasy. References to futuristic elements can be seen, for example, in the selection of lamps or bookcases, which resemble elements straight out of Star Wars or books by Stanislaw Lem.

w toalecie również króluje drewno

The toilet is also dominated by wood

Photo: Studio Resources © Finch Studio

Various associations worked here, he says. The owner is a young man, a bit of a dreamer, a collector of Lego models, a computer game enthusiast and a fan of fantasy films. Hence such furnishings as a lamp inspired by science-fiction classics, fixtures in the smaller bathroom put together as if from machine parts and bolts, or a painting in the bedroom associating me with an astronaut's suit," says architect Magda Kwoczka of Finch Studio.

jedynie łazienka została rozwiązana w zupełnie inny sposób, w tym wnętrzu królują szarości i biel

Only the bathroom has been solved in a completely different way, grays and white reign in this interior

Photo: Studio Resources © Finch Studio

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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