Interior adaptation in a historic tenement house in Szczecin

Wiktor Bochenek
21 of January '22
Technical data


Szczecin, Poland


Loft Kolasiński


176 m2




Karolina Bąk

Designers from the Loft Kolasinski studio faced a challenge. The interior in a historic tenement house needed to undertake necessary changes. The interior thus gained a new character.

istotnym procesem adaptacji
było stworzenie kuchni w dawnym salonie

An important adaptation process was the creation of a kitchen in the former living room

Photo: Karolina Bąk, © Kolasinski Loft

The apartment is located in a tenement from the late 19th century near Jasne Błoni in Szczecin. The project included a thorough renovation of all rooms and reconstruction of the apartment's layout. The work included restoration of antique floors and design of new door carpentry.

w przypadku tego wnętrza,
projektantom jak i inwestorom zależało na połączeniu zabytkowych sztukaterii z nowoczesnym wzornictwem

In the case of this interior, the designers as well as the investors wanted to combine antique stucco with modern design

Photo: Karolina Bak, © Kolasinski Loft

The interior walls were covered with white traditional plaster. An important part of the apartment's metamorphosis was the renovation of numerous stucco pieces. Most of the new furniture was designed by Loft Kolasinski. The result was an exceptional and unique interior.

priorytetem mieszkania była

The priority of the apartment was functionality

photo by Karolina Bąk, © Loft Kolasinski

The unique apartment also featured an exceptional collection of furniture and lighting by designers such as Niels Otto Møller, Eero Saarinen, Georg Nelson, Joe Colombo, Alvar Aalto, Hans J. Wegner and Bill Curry, among others. The apartment is kept in tones of white and gray, which contrast with the wood.

białe ściany kontrastują
z meblami

White walls contrast with wood

photo by Karolina Bak, © Kolasinski Loft

Jacek Kolasinski, author of the interior design, will talk about the process of creation and concept.

Wiktor Bochenek: What is the most important thing when designing historic interiors? Did the layout of the apartment require changes?

Jacek Kolasinski: When designing historic interiors, it is especially important to focus on historical detail. In this case, a lot of time and work was required to restore the numerous stuccowork, renovate the original wooden floor including sanding, filling cavities and oiling, but also to restore the woodwork of the windows and doors.

kolekcja mebli inwestorów
bogata jest w interesujące przykłady

The investors' furniture collection is rich in interesting examples

Photo by Karolina Bak, © Loft Kolasinski

Wiktor Bochenek: What is the most important thing when designing historic interiors? Did the layout of the apartment require changes?

Jacek Kolasinski: The changes in the functional layout consisted of: moving the kitchen to one of the main rooms and combining it with the dining room, the former kitchen was turned into a guest room, and a second, small bathroom was created in the bedroom, which was a priority for the investors.

właściciele posiadają
unikatową kolekcję krzeseł skandynawskich projektantów

The owners have a unique collection of Scandinavian designer chairs

photo by Karolina Bak, © Loft Kolasinski

Wiktor Bochenek: What was the most difficult part of this project, and what are you most satisfied with?

Jacek Kolasinski: The most difficult challenge was getting the apartment back into use. The apartment was devastated, the many years of neglect and poor use of the premises were visible at practically every step. I am most pleased with the end result, the apartment is a spacious, light, bright and comfortable space with numerous striking details.

Wiktor Bochenek: Thank you for the interview!

sypialnia wyróżnia się
granatową tonacją

The bedroom is distinguished by its gray and dark blue tones

Photo by Karolina Bak, © Kolasinski Loft

interviewed and compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

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