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Harmony and quality. Full of design apartment in Wilanów

09 of November '23
Technical data
Name: M135
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Warsaw, Wilanów
Studio: BO/SKO
Design team: Daria Bolewicka, Daria Skoczylas-Woźniak
Photos: Jakub Nanowski
Area: 135m2
Design and implementation: 2023

We take a look into an apartment located in the center of Wilanów. A couple of young people with busy professional lives dreamed of an apartment, full of visual tranquility and harmony. Architects Daria Bolewicka and Daria Skoczylas of the bo/sko studio, helped create this effect, focusing on minimalism, quality materials and combining modern design with mid-century elements. Paintings by Polish artists add accent to the interior.

To collaborate on the design of the interior, of their Warsaw apartment, we were invited by a couple of young people with busy professional lives, for whom the private space was to guarantee relaxation, tranquility and a place to spend leisure time with their daughter. The investors value quality, they wanted the interior to be distinguished by simplicity and elegance, to be based on natural and quality materials, also the selection of furnishings and art was not accidental," the designers tell us.

Część dzienna z wyjściem na taras

living area with access to the terrace

Photo: Jakub Nanowski © bo/sko

The described apartment with an area of 135 square meters is located on the last, fourth floor of a building of a modern housing estate in the center of Wilanów. The architect decided to divide the designed interior into two zones: a living and a private area.

Część dzienna z przeszkloną ścianką

The living area with a glass wall

Photo: Jakub Nanowski © bo/sko

harmony and moderation

The entrance to the apartment is separated by a glass wall, with a metal structure. The enclosure, which begins at the entrance, is continued throughout the corridor, creating a homogeneous plane.

Korytarz Widok z korytarza w kierunku kuchni, na podłodze mikrocement

Oskar Zięta's PLOPP stool and microcement on the floor

Photo: Jakub Nanowski © bo/sko

The living area consists of two parts: lounge and kitchen.

We designed the lounge area by combining modern Scandinavian design with mid-century furniture and Polish design. The investors appreciate art, so the apartment features paintings by young Polish artists, design classics and unique objects designed by Oskar Zięta, the architects add.

Część kuchenna z jadalnią

kitchen area with dining room

Photo: Jakub Nanowski © bo/sko

When working on the kitchen, the authors placed special emphasis on maintaining harmony between the structure of the black stained oak and Viscont White granite, which is used in the built-ins. The kitchen island is accentuated by lighting, and a black Scandinavian table, minimalist in form, is located on its extension.

Czarny stół jadalniany kontynuuje układ wyspy kuchennej ustro Oskara Zięty, na blacie wyciskarka do cytryn Starcka

The black dining table continues the layout of the kitchen island, on the wall a mirror by Oskar Zięta

Photo: Jakub Nanowski © bo/sko

The interiors are complemented by good-quality materials, such as granite, metal and oak wood (in natural and black stains).


The private zone includes a master bedroom with a spacious bathroom, a study and a children's room. The designers, taking care of consistency of style, decided to use light gray microcement flooring in all rooms. Microcement also appears on some of the walls, but they are mostly white. Interestingly, instead of the stereotypical pink, the investors' daughter's room is kept in the consistent color scheme and style of the entire apartment.

Pełna światła sypialnia

A bedroom full of light

Photo: Jakub Nanowski © bo/sko

The bedroom, is the place where a large amount of daylight, coming in through numerous glass windows, reigns supreme. Continuing the development from the hall, the architects created a minimalist, calm interior, matching it with decorative elements.

Łazienka utrzymana w kontraście bieli i czerni Łazienka w Wilanowie

The bathrooms are kept in white and black

Photo: Jakub Nanowski © bo/sko

The bathrooms were designed with unusual layouts in mind. In both, the contrast of white and black optically shortens the rooms, and sconces and mirrors emphasize this effect.

interview with Daria Bolewicka

Dobrawa Bies: Did the apartment design also take into account the choice of art?

Daria Bolewicka: The selection of artwork was part of our work, a very pleasant one. The investor is passionate about Polish painting, her participation was significant in the selection of specific works.

Dobrawa: What was the biggest design challenge?

Daria: M135 is a minimalist interior by design, simplicity of forms, almost mono-materiality were one of the main assumptions here, which clarified at the beginning of our work on the project. Consistency in maintaining this simplicity and minimal measures was a challenge, especially since we wanted to create an interior that was pleasant and cozy; after all, this is an everyday living space, not an art gallery.

Mieszkanie w Wilanowie, pokój córki Pokój córki

Also in the room of the investors' daughter, the architects focused on visual consistency

Photo: Jakub Nanowski © bo/sko

Dobrawa: How did you design a room for a little girl? Did you receive any guidance? You can see that she is a fan of tigers.

Daria: The owners of M135 set us a difficult task: the child's room had to correspond with the interior of the entire apartment, hence the decision to keep the same materials on the floor, walls or in the built-ins. We did not want to artificially introduce decorative elements here, to duplicate the stereotype: a girl's room must be pink. The palette of materials and subdued colors creates a gentle background for creative play and learning.

Strefa dzienna mieszkania w Wilanowie

Open living area is the favorite place of architects

Photo: Jakub Nanowski © bo/sko

Dobrawa: And finally, our standard question. Your favorite place in the apartment is?

Daria: M135 is an interior where consistency and simplicity reign supreme, our favorite place is the open living area, which is the showcase of the entire apartment. We designed this space by combining modern Scandinavian design with mid-century furniture and Polish design.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

Dobrawa Bies

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