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An apartment with a view. A mixture of colors and forms in Mokotow

07 of August '23
Technical data
Name: Apartment in Mokotow
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Warsaw
Studio: Butterfly Studio
Design team: Anna Baranowska, Joanna Felczuk
Photos: Patryk Polewany
Styling: Eliza Mrozinska
Images: Dorota Dakota Pawilowska
Area: 110m2


  • design
  • implementation


A private sauna with a view of Mokotów, a loggia for yoga, two bathrooms, zoning, colorful solutions and vintage elements. This is how the Warsaw apartment of the Butterfly Studio project looks like. To open up the view to the surrounding lush greenery, architects Anna Baranowska, Joanna Felczuk decided to completely reverse the function from the original layout. The result? See for yourself.

Z mieszkania widać pobliski dworek

From the apartment you can see the nearby manor house

Photo: Patryk Polewany © Butterfly Studio

The architects divided the apartment, measuring 110 square meters, into two parts—a living/guest area overlooking the vegetation and the manor house, and a private area with a bedroom, dressing room and bathroom with sauna. A major constraint, they say, was fitting in all the necessary functions relative to the existing risers. The interiors are also not high, so to visually elevate them, the authors used doors that reached the ceiling. The moldings were screwed in, and the air conditioning was distributed with ducted radiators hidden in the false ceiling.

Jedna ze ścian salonu wyłożona jest drewnem

One of the living room walls is lined with wood

Photo: Patryk Polewany © Butterfly Studio

From the very beginning, our clients were open to interesting and colorful solutions. We wanted to create a space that was not only colorful, but also homely and elegant. We also incorporated vintage elements into the apartment, such as refurbished chairs from the communist era—the Hałasy, referring in color to the colors throughout the apartment, the architects say.

The homely atmosphere is added by the used wood in a warm shade and plants, while accents of strong color are introduced by paintings by Dorota Dakota Pawilowska.

Mieszkanie na Mokotowie, rzut

apartment in Mokotów, projection

© Butterfly Studio

The apartment has two bathrooms—one in shades of blue (private) and the other in pink (for guests). The private bathroom next to the bedroom has access to the sauna. The nursery sauna overlooks both the bathroom and the study area with a loggia.

In order to maintain privacy, we and the investors opted for graphite glass, which gives intimacy. The angle at which we look from the study does not allow us to see the private part of the bathroom with the toilet bowl, the designers explain.

 Wnętrze kuchni, wzrok przyciąga miętowa lodówka  Ozdobne fronty kuchenne

The kitchen uses fluted fronts

Photo: Patryk Polewany © Butterfly Studio

The investor, a yoga enthusiast, wanted the study to be connected to a glass loggia. It serves not only for work, but also for calming down and morning exercises.

W mieszkaniu wszystko jest dopasowane Drewniana ściana w salonie

The architects paid attention to details and colors

Photo: Patryk Polewany © Butterfly Studio

As in every Butterfly Studio project, the architects paid attention to details. In the kitchen, they used fluted fronts, selected to match the color of the refrigerator and juxtaposed with terrazzo conglomerate on the countertop. Black elements appearing throughout the apartment, such as electrical fixtures and faucets, add character. In the bedroom, meanwhile, pink textured plaster catches the eye, while in the hallway there is microcement on the floor.

Błękitna łazienka Różowa łazienka

blue and pink bathroom

Photo: Patryk Polewany © Butterfly Studio

interview with Anna Baranowska and Joanna Felczuk

Dobrawa Bies: We're talking about a secondary market apartment, what did it look like before the changes you made? What was the biggest challenge?

Anna Baranowska, Joanna Felczuk: The apartment had a reversed functional layout. The kitchen and living room were on the other side, while the investors wanted to move the functions for the sake of the view from the windows. The biggest challenge was to fit and layout the new functions in relation to the existing structure. In addition, the glazed sauna was inserted in such a way that it had a view of the greenery, but at the same time the toilet area was not visible.

Sauna w mieszkaniu na Mokotowie Wyspa kuchenna

The apartment also has a sauna

Photo: Patryk Polewany © Butterfly Studio

Dobrawa: Do you prefer to work in interiors in a shell/development state, or in ones that have already had previous owners?

Anna Baranowska, Joanna Felczuk: We love both :) Of course, there is a lot more work with secondary market investments. On the other hand, metamorphoses give us great satisfaction when we see how much we have improved the standard of living of our investors.

Sypialnia, na ścianie obraz Doroty Dakoty Pawiłowskiej

Bedroom, on the wall a painting by Dorota Dakota Pawilowska

Photo: Patryk Polewany © Butterfly Studio

Dobrawa: In the case of this project, did the investors have any suggestions or hints about what they definitely don't want?

Anna Baranowska, Joanna Felczuk: The investors definitely did not want an interior bathed in gray. From the very beginning, they were very open to any suggestions and proposals in terms of form and color scheme.

Widok z jadalni

view from the dining room

Photo: Patryk Polewany © Butterfly Studio

Dobrawa: Your favorite place in this apartment?

Anna Baranowska, Joanna Felczuk: The bathroom next to the bedroom :)

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

Dobrawa Bies

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