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In what interiors do you relax? Renovation of a summer house in Ustroń by

01 of February '23
Technical data
Name: Interior design in the mountains
Location: Poland, Ustroń
Design team: Mateusz Skalski, Agata Pierożyńska, Julia Rendaszka
Investor: private


  • design
  • implementation


Ustroń has been known as a spa resort since the 19th century. The iconic pyramids stand there holiday houses created by a team of architects including Henryk Buszko, Aleksander Franta and Tadeusz Szewczyk, whose contemporary expansion is currently being planned by Maciej Franta and Robert Konieczny. This atmosphere of rest is also reflected in the latest realization of the studio interior design of a twenty-year-old house.

w kuchni zestawione są jasne kolory ścian i podłóg z ciemnym odcieniem drewna na meblach

light colors on the walls and floors and dark shade wood furniture in the kitchen

© Zasoby Studio

The main task was to refresh an existing a summer house in Ustroń. However, analyzing both the needs of the investors and the existing structure, the architects decided to make several changes in the layout of the walls.

rzut parteru, inwentaryzacja rzut parteru

first floor plan, inventory and design


On the first floor, we created a single-space interior, in which the functions of the kitchen, dining room, living room and reading and playroom gently intermingle. In the existing structure of the house, we removed some of the walls, leaving narrower partition elements — explains architect Mateusz Skalski.

A modern accent in the interior is the staircase, highlighted by an openwork screen, which separates the reading room from the living room. They consist of two parts the upper, visually lighter, steel one, which floats above the first floor, and the lower, visually heavier, wooden one, which serves as stairs and a seat at the same time.

nowoczesny akcent we wnętrzu stanowią podkreślone ażurową przesłoną schody oddzielające czytelnię od salonu schody składają się z dwóch części - górnej, stalowej i dolnej, drewnianej

a modern accent in the interior is the staircase

© Zasoby Studio

The restful, cozy atmosphere of the house in the mountains is fostered by the choice of subdued and warm colors, varied textures, natural materials and mood-building lighting. The interior, although modest at first glance, somewhat reminiscent of the atmosphere of Japanese houses, attracts attention with the quality of finishing, thoughtful details and designer accessories. However, the choice of the sofa bedspread, which leaves a slight scratch on the elegant, ascetic interior, is questionable.

jasna jadalnia detal schodów

bright dining room and staircase detail

© Zasoby Studio

In creating the climate of the interior, we used natural materials and subdued colors. The walls are finished with natural clay plaster, the furniture is made of oak or oak veneer, the details and finishing elements are kept in muted beige colors the designers add.

kuchnia niemal w całości zatopiona jest w drewnie

The kitchen is almost entirely sunk in wood

© Zasoby Studio

This is not the first remodeling project of an existing building undertaken by Mateusz Skalski's team from You can read also an interview with the architect about plans to renovate a mansion in Italy that is much older than the house in Ustroń: Villa under Verona, or a romantic story about the reconstruction of an old house.

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