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An underwater world on Bracka Street. Interior of the perfumery designed by Zofia Wyganowska

31 of January '23

Scents are excellent carriers of memories. Sometimes it takes just a few seconds of passing someone in a crowd who uses a familiar perfume, the aroma of a childhood favorite cake floating in the kitchen, or the scent of summer flowers to transport us to another place, another time. The Warsaw perfumery Mood Scent Bar, in addition to, of course, acting on the sense of smell, intensely affects the sense of sight, transporting customers to a mysterious underwater world.

wnętrze niszowej perfumerii pełne jest wzorów i kolorów wnętrze nawiązuje do morskiego świata

The interior alludes to the marine world

photo: Martyna Rudnicka

The designer of the interior of a small niche perfumery located on Bracka Street in Warsaw — Zofia Wyganowska — has already worked with the owner of Mood Scent Bar twice. Two years ago the space in Wroclaw was completed — there, on an area of 32 square meters, Wyganowska created an elegant, wood-sunk interior. A smaller, minimalist boutique in Poznań, on the other hand, is kept in gray.

Together with Victor, the founder of Mood Scent Bar, we wanted to do something bolder and more colorful this time, while remaining in the style proven by previous projects, the designer explains. — We wanted this interior to refer to the maritime world in a non-literal way — she adds.

The first thing that catches the eye in the "scent bar" are the walls covered with paintings the pattern, somewhat reminiscent of prints from the crazy 70s, is a geometric interpretation of coral colonies. The effect is intensified by large mirrors placed on one of the walls, reflecting the paintings.

Mood Scent Bar w Warszawie niszowe perfumy stoją na mosiężnych półkach

Mood Scent Bar in Warsaw

Photo: Martyna Rudnicka

Against an ochre-white background, the designer has planned turquoise furniture designed to allude to the intense shade of the ocean, as well as an island located in the central part of the small boutique made of Alicante red marble from Spain.

The whole is complemented by thoughtful, stylish accessories— brass shelves for perfume bottles, small lamps in the shape of pearl-hiding shells and a "teeny" lamp resembling sea urchin spines.

malowidła ścienne odbijają duże lustra lampa w kształcie muszli z perłą

The interior of the niche perfumery is full of patterns and colors

photo: Martyna Rudnicka

The design was also heavily influenced by the design of American establishments I visited during my trip to Miami — says Victor Kochetov, the founder of the perfumery. — Nevertheless, all elements of the design — furniture, shelves or lamps — are Polish-made, sometimes pre-war. I'm glad that in this realization I was able to cooperate with Zofia Wyganowska, who also designed the interiors of our perfumeries in
Poznan and Wroclaw, as well as Agata Melerska and artist Kacper Ankiel — he adds.

 Ola Kloc

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