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Balance of modern and classic. Inbalance studio

25 of January '23

Colors and geometric details in interiors are slowly becoming a hallmark of projects by Hanna Brzozowska from the Inbalance studio. These elements could not be missing also in the studio's latest realization - the arrangement of a nearly fifty-meter apartment in Praga Północ, Warsaw. Pink is king in this space!

How to turn an apartment in a post-industrial part of the city into a feminine and joyful space? The investor dreamed of an interior that would resonate with her sensibility, aesthetics, love of art and colors.

The first steps in the design process went to changes in the existing functional layout - the architect decided to demolish several walls, which allowed to gain additional storage space and slightly enlarge the kitchen. It was in the kitchen, moreover, that the idea for the leading color of the interior was born - pink in an unusual version.

dolna część mebli w kolorze ciemnego drewna kontrastuje z różową zabudową        zabudowa w kuchni

The lower part of the furniture in the color of dark wood contrasts with the pink interior.

photo: Aleksandra Dermont

The lower part of the furniture in the color of dark wood contrasts with the pink built-in. The search for the perfect shade required a couple of approaches. After several attempts, we managed to find the one and only dream color, which also runs through other parts of the apartment - explains the designer.

The architect not only plays with color, but also with textures - kitchen cabinets are varied with cutters, stripes and ornamental glass - and with combining styles and shapes.

zabudowa kuchni

kitchen built-in

photo: Aleksandra Dermont

A dining room has been planned between the kitchen and the living room - around a round wooden table are set stylish bentwood chairs made of dark wood.

wokół okrągłego, drewnianego stołu w jadalni ustawione są stylowe, gięte krzesła z ciemnego drewna

Around the round, wooden dining table are set stylish, curved chairs of dark wood

Photo: Aleksandra Dermont

The living room is planned as a cozy, bright space. The eye is drawn to the colorful illustrations placed above the cream sofa by Karolina Pawelczyk, a Polish artist who has worked with brands such as Gucci, Armani and Vogue magazine.

w salonie nad kremową kanapą umieszczono kolorowe ilustracje autorstwa Karoliny Pawelczyk        widok z przedpokoju na salon

In the living room, colorful illustrations by Karolina Pawelczyk were placed above the cream sofa; view from the hallway to the living room

photo: Aleksandra Dermont

From the living room we move to the hallway. We deliberately designed the large closet to optically enlarge the entrance area - the white fronts, however, do not lack decorative milling and handles. On a section of the wall next to the closet a wallpaper with a delicate pattern was used, as well as colorful hangers. At the entrance to the bathroom, a wooden console stood against the cream-colored dado. The whole space is reflected in a mirror with a characteristic pink bow - a motif repeated from the fronts of the kitchen cabinets, says Hanna Brzozowska.

przy wejściu do łazienki, na tle kremowej lamperii stanęła drewniana konsola

At the entrance to the bathroom, a wooden console stood against a background of cream lampery

Photo: Aleksandra Dermont

The color scheme, tamed in the living area of the apartment, is continued in the bathroom - so here you'll find a built-in in pink, a mosaic on the walls repeating the one used in the kitchen, as well as cream tiles complementing the whole space.

kolorystyka mieszkania kontynuowana jest w łazience         okrągłe lustro w jasnej łazience

The apartment's color scheme continues in the bathroom

photo: Aleksandra Dermont

The bedroom, on the other hand, is, as the designer emphasizes, a true oasis of calm. At the same time, it is the only room without pink color - the bed is green, and the cream curtains are matched to the color of the dado. The whole room is complemented by bright wallpaper and multicolored graphics.

zielone łóżko na tle kremowej lamperii        detale wnętrza

Green bed against a background of cream lampery; interior details

Photo: Aleksandra Dermont

Vintage style meets here with modern, simple forms, enriched with geometric accents furniture and colorful accessories. The new development apartment managed to achieve spirit and a unique atmosphere - sums up the project by the architect from Studio Inbalance.

Ola Kloc

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