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A colorful cocktail! Multicolored interior of the apartment designed by Inbalance studio

14 of June '23

Sunny, cozy and colorful this is how an apartment in Wołomin, home to a couple, a little daughter and their accompanying cat, looks like. This space is a real mix of colors!

jak pisze autorka projektu, frezowania, łuki i proste linie subtelnie podkreślają zabudowę kuchni nad żółtą szafką stworzono domową galerię grafik i plakatów

as the author of the project writes, milling, arches and straight lines subtly emphasize the built-in kitchen; above the yellow cabinet a home gallery of graphics and posters was created

photo: Aleksandra Dermont

time for color!

After years of fashion for somewhat conservative Scandinavian style and minimalist arrangements, through harmonious spaces in the spirit of japandi and close to nature boho accessories, we can see a turn to multicolored implementations. Have you heard about Pastel Cocktail style interiors combining various shades of pastel colors? Have you seen the arrangements inspired by the popular Barbie doll, following the Barbiecore trend or referring to the extremely fashionable on social media Wes Anderson style? All these examples are proof that color is making a comeback in interiors! A 61-square-meter apartment in Wołomin, a suburb of Warsaw, designed by Studio Inbalance, unquestionably fits into this trend.

Playing with color goes on here at its best, contrasting the whiteness of the walls and built-ins, sculpting the entire space.Combined with the wooden floor and accessories, it makes it cozy and inviting, says the author of the project, Hanna Brzozowska. The project was created for colorful and unique people who appreciate good design, design and art the interiors were meant to be a beautiful background for their daily lives, she adds.

projekt rozpoczęła wizja kuchni z jadalnią - dolne szafki w błękitnym kolorze zestawione są z białą zabudową pozostałych mebli różowy fotel na tle domowej galerii plakatów i grafik

The interiors are a colorful backdrop for the residents' daily lives

Photo: Aleksandra Dermont

sunny living area

The project began with a vision of a kitchen with a dining area lower cabinets in blue are juxtaposed with white, but milled cabinets of the rest of the furniture. An inverted effect can be seen in the hallway a plain white door leading to the bathroom was placed against milled panels in baby blue.

biało-błękitna zabudowa kuchenna błękitne lamele w przedpokoju

White and blue kitchen cabinetry and blue laths in the hallway

Photo: Aleksandra Dermont

Milling, curves and straight lines subtly accentuate the kitchen built-ins. It is these small elements consistently used in each room that bring a sense of cohesion and harmony to the interior, the designer explains. The contrast to the white woodwork is its lower part in the beautiful color of summer sky blue. The design of the built-in is well thought out and refined to the smallest detail from the sculptural fronts, the decorative gold shelf adjacent to the eaves, over which a mirror hangs, to the fancy furniture handles. [...] The hallway consistently repeats the means of expression used in the living area. The white of the walls is combined here with blue trim. A large mirror finished with an arch enlarges and brightens the space she adds.

dekoracyjna złota półka i okrągłe lustro w kuchni detal zabudowy kuchennej, wzorzyste uchwyty

kitchen built-in detail

Photo: Aleksandra Dermont

Another color accent in the living area is a pink armchair, alluding in hue to the background of the cult poster from the film "Enchanted Revues" by Andrzej Krajewski. In turn, the seat's red legs correspond in color with the low, round table next to the sofa.

kolorowe akcenty w strefie dziennej, czerwony stolik, żółty regał i różowy plakat domowa galeria plakatów i grafik

Colorful accents in the living area, red table, yellow bookcase and colorful posters

Photo: Aleksandra Dermont

In the lounge area of the living area, the eye is drawn to the white and yellow bookcase, which, in addition to books and colorful accessories, also has room for a cat bed. Also yellow is the development on the opposite side of the room. Above it, the investors, in cooperation with the designer, created their own gallery of colorful graphics and posters. A multicolored poster also appears in the bedroom of the apartment's owners a distinctive pop-art work by American artist Keith Haring was hung above the bed.

sypialnia w sypialni powieszono charakterystyczne, pop-artowe dzieło amerykańskiego artysty Keitha Haringa

A distinctive pop-art work by American artist Keith Haring was hung in the bedroom

photo: Aleksandra Dermont

tailor-made interior

A considerable challenge for Hanna Brzozowska was the small bathroom, which required several changes to the original layout of the room. The designer separated the shower with new walls, introduced a capacious sink enclosure, and even cleverly hid a litter box for the cat.

The investors participated in the design process with great commitment, and every last detail is the result of many inspiring conversations. As a result, a tailor-made space was created, which stands out, pleases the eye with a wealth of forms and colors, and above all meets all the expectations of its inhabitants the designer concludes.

Ola Kloc

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