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Noise and dew, or a unique restaurant in the heart of Karpacz

07 of December '22

When we set out for the mountains, we usually want to quiet the noise and feel the dew. The moment we get off the trail, we still want to feel the peace and euphoria that accompanies mountain expeditions. This feeling is captured by "Noise and Dew." Architects Daria Wach and Ewa Mądry of the Jam Studio created the restaurant's interior inspired by the Sudeten mountain landscape.

Neon z nazwą restauracji

neon sign with the name of the restaurant

© Dżem Studio

"Noise and dew" is a restaurant in Karpacz, whose interior delicately combines the theme of mountains with modernity. The defining factor of this space is the use of wood. The wall next to the bar was made in an innovative way. Using symmetrically spaced wooden pegs, a simplified map of Karpacz was presented, with the most important buildings and peaks marked. In another room, wooden trimmings were used to create a decoration referring to mountain peaks. There is also wooden furniture and accessories, which can be found in every room.

In addition to wood, the main element of the interior is black, which has been accentuated in every space of the restaurant. The shade-dominated bar area, which is accented primarily by vertical fins, attracts attention. Attention is also drawn to the bathroom, which is kept in dark tones, dominated by bottle green combined with black, correlating with the floral motif of the wallpaper.

mapa Karpacza wykonana została z drewnianych kołków

The map of Karpacz was made of wooden pegs

© Jam Studio

Daria Wach of Dżem Studio talks about coming up with the name, inspiration, use of wood and cooperation with investors.

Wiktor Bochenek: It's worth starting with the name itself - "Szum i Rosa". Did the name of the restaurant influence the design?

Daria Wach (Dżem studio): Coming up with the name was quite a challenge. We wanted the name to be Polish, catchy, easy to remember and pronounce - during the inventory in autumn we noticed the dew and fog that floated by the forest. We suggested Dew, the investors added Noise, and that's how the name came about.

the dominant element of the bar area is black

© Jam Studio

Victor: How did the environment in which the restaurant was located influence the design?

Daria: The main goal was to create a modern place completely different from the familiar mountain restaurants we are used to in the area. We wanted the place to be modern, gently elegant, but at the same time not to scare off tourists coming straight off the trail before entering. We also wanted to make a modern reference to the style of mountain chalets and Sudeten architecture.

Wiktor: The main material is wood - why did you decide on this material?

Daria: We associate wood very strongly with mountain tourism. It is natural and warm. Sudeten architecture is also very strongly associated with wooden decorations.

Wiktor: How did you reconcile regional motifs with modernity?

Daria: We observe our surroundings, we visit, we look for inspiration. We try to "exaggerate" our observations in a modern way. You only have to walk through a couple of hostels in the area to find beautiful wooden chairs, decorated ceramic stoves, original wall coverings.

The inspiration for the interior was the Sudeten nature

© Jam Studio

Victor: How was the restaurant space divided?

Daria: A metal openwork structure divides the entrance area, the staircase and a separate room commonly referred to as the "aquarium".

Wiktor: What is the most noteworthy thing about this restaurant?

Daria: We tried our best to make each place refined. Certainly, the wall with wooden rollers depicting a map of Karpacz and the illuminated installation of mountains are most impressive. However, every other corner of the restaurant is equally well thought out and polished by us.

w toalecie obok drewna i butelkowej zieleni znajdziemy tapetę z motywem flory

In the restroom, next to wood and bottle green, we find wallpaper with a flora motif

© Jam Studio

Victor: What was the hardest part, and what are you most proud of?

Daria: The hardest part was when the restaurant was supposed to open and the pandemic fell out - the finished restaurant had to wait for its opening. What we can be proud of are the owners Joanna and Oskar - who trusted us and entrusted us to design the interiors in a decidedly different way from restaurants in the area.

wood is the dominant element

© Jam Studio

interviewed and compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

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