Alicja Nalikowska

In June 2021, I defended my bachelor's degree titled. "Greenhouse - space without distance" at the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of Arts in Poznan. The project was nominated for the Design'32 Competition for the Best Design Diploma of the Academy of Fine Arts (2022 edition). Currently, I am continuing my studies in the same field (second year of my master's degree, Faculty of Interior Design and Scenography, UAP).

I find the creative process valuable and inspiring, as design allows me to flexibly shape my imagination and direct my mind towards innovation. Professional awareness and responsibility remain no less important to me. I am interested in synesthetic design, so that I try to make the users feel the space in a multifaceted way. I believe that beauty complements functionality, and interacting with a well-designed space has a direct impact on the quality of our lives.


  • "Zoomeum. Concepts for the revitalization of the Old Zoo in Poznań", Poznań, Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury nr. 1, 8-30.09.2021,
  • "Best Design Diplomas of the Academy of Fine Arts", Katowice, Rondo Sztuki - Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, 13.05.2022-15.06.2022,
  • "Best Design Diplomas of the Academy of Fine Arts", Łódź, Academic Design Center, 8.07.-31.08.2022,
  • "Synthesis 2022 Texture", Vouleftikon - First Parliament of Greece, Greece (international exhibition), 3.09-10.09.2022
  • "Vision of Space", Poznań, Curators'LAB Gallery, 29.09-02.10.2022
  • "Synthesis 2022 Texture", Szczecin, Museum of Technology and Communication / Art Depot in Szczecin, 09.12.2022-29.01.2023


  • Design32 - nomination to the "Best Design Diplomas of the Academy of Fine Arts" competition, 2021.
  • "Reader's Space. Contest to design a pavilion for readers" - participation in the international competition and winning the People's Choice Award, UNI Architecture Competitions, 2022.

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