Julia Podsiadło

Born in Koscierzyna in 1996, she defended her bachelor's thesis in 2018 at the Faculty of Architecture of Cultural Spaces at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, the thesis was supervised by Dr. Jan Sikora, Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts. Her diploma received an honorable mention in the Interior Architecture category at Gdynia Design Days. In 2016-2018, she served as Chairwoman of the Academic Student Government Council of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, and in 2018-2019, she became Vice-Chairwoman of the Art University Students' Forum.

In 2020, she defended her master's degree in Interior Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk in the 1st Interior Design Studio. The thesis was supervised by Prof. Beata Szymanska, and the diploma received an excellent grade.

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