Julia Zubka

I was born in 1997 in Gdansk, a city that began to shape me and introduce me to the world of art. During my high school years, I participated in activities that undoubtedly taught me to see the non-literal world as a sensitizing aspect. Being a participant in Tri-City exhibitions, spending time in the Artists' Colony or Bathhouse, I learned to perceive what I sometimes could not understand. Mentioning the formation of character, I also want to emphasize the time devoted to psychology at SWPS in Sopot, the year I spent, analyzing and observing the science of man and relationships, marked me as a student of architecture, very strongly. Ahead of me is the fourth year at the Faculty of Architecture and Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. I am committed to developing thoughts about people in architecture, analyzing the needs of the individual and the value that can be brought by
architecture into our lives.

Architektura & Biznes – articles

Röben - ceramic facades, good for you and the environment
Glass lighting installations in interiors
Visbud - Project composite reinforcement of concrete and masonry structures