Łukasz Wolniak

I'm Luke, I defended my master's degree in the academic year 22/23. I also completed
Bachelor's degree, majoring in Landscape Design, during which I became interested in the interior design climate, which resulted in graduation, with simultaneous study and building a portfolio in the direction of interiors.

On a daily basis, I fulfill myself by working in a design office in Poznan's Jeżyce district. I constantly expand my knowledge related to innovative solutions in interiors, but I also do not forget about the banal, often ideal accents that build interior design.

I love contact with people, and the excitement that accompanies the investor when the concept of the dream house, apartment is leaning towards the end is priceless. I combine my passion for interiors, often with plants, which I collect. Often they are a starting point, but also a minimal touch that brings nature into the apartment. I also love traveling, which is largely responsible for the inspiration I translate into design.

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