Yaroslav Panasevych

"I come from Khmelnytskyi (Ukraine) and have Polish roots. Polish traditions and culture played an important role in my family, so I had no doubt that in time I would move to Poland. In 2015, I started studying Architecture at the Tadeusz Kosciuszko Cracow University of Technology. In 2019 I defended my engineering diploma under the guidance of Dr. Bartosz Dendura. I am currently attending the second degree program at the Cracow University of Technology. I have been developing a passion for graphics, design and drawing from an early age, and it was this passion that set me on the path of architecture. I am an active participant in various design-related conferences and seminars. Every year I participate in several international competitions. I have had design internships at Sergiy Makhno Architects in Kiev, as well as Koza Nostra Studio in Krakow, Poland, where my team and I have won several competitions for museum exhibition arrangements and scenography. Currently, in addition to my passion for graphic design and drawing, I am developing an interest in the city, its relationships and processes, as well as the practical side of visualization and BIM technology."

Architektura & Biznes – articles

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