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Yaroslav Panasevych - "IN.BETWEEN - OPEN UNIVERSITY. Educational Center at Jalu Kurka Park in Krakow"

06 of September '23
Technical data
Type: master's thesis
Year of defense: 2022

Yaroslav Panasevych

Wydział Architektury Politechniki Krakowskiej
Dr. Anna Porębska

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Diploma Architecture"

Challenges. The project sets itself the task of finding answers to the questions: how has the relationship between architectural space and people changed under the influence of global factors in 2022? What architectural solutions cause improvements in the quality of space and adaptations to future changes?

Global context. The world, including Poland, is facing the challenges of crisis situations. This was the case during the epidemic crisis, when buildings were adapted for new functions, residents, and behind them whole cities, changed their lifestyles. Many fell into an existential crisis and felt the need to get outside. It was difficult to sit in closed boxes, not only mentally, but also physically. These are behaviors caused by the biological instinct of self-preservation. Over the past twenty, thirty years, the climate crisis and other catalysts have affected architecture quite a bit, and a pro-environmental approach, material recovery, and the relationship between people and nature have become increasingly important.

wizualizacja, widok z parku

visualization, view from the park

© Yaroslav Panasevych

Idea. The guiding slogan of the project is the word IN.BETWEEN. The dot in this case is not a mistake, but a metaphorical separation of the third structure. The project reinvents the slogan in between in the local context of Kraków, proposes a new urban planning strategy that will strengthen social ties and activate the local community. It will open up and activate the park area for residents and tourists by means of a new connection between the development quarter and the surrounding area, as well as the adaptation of the inner courtyard space to the needs of residents, with the support of a new open university that will also serve as a local center.



© Yaroslav Panasevych

Concept. The new open university is part of the Kraków University of Technology campus, but at the same time makes the building space available for the local community, public events, nearby schools and workshops. For this reason, the building has been divided into accessibility zones. Floor -1 is a technical and storage zone with limited accessibility, the first floor and 1st floor a public zone linked to the surroundings, the 2nd and 3rd floors a common work zone and administration, the 4th and 5th floors  an open zone that can be adapted for group or individual work. Another important functional element is the two utility terraces overlooking the park. Each zone can be adapted to current needs and operate independently.

rzuty poziomów +1 i +2


floor plans of levels +1 and +2 and sections

© Yaroslav Panasevych

In the near future, we will not divide buildings into environmentally friendly and passive, because any newly designed building will have to include solutions that will allow it to be a passive building, with a minimized carbon footprint. That's why the project uses maximum efficient solutions to harvest energy and almost fully provide for the building's water, energy, ventilation and heating needs; only electricity needs will be partially met from the municipal grid. The building uses glulam construction, CLT panels and recycled wood facades to reduce the building's carbon footprint. Recycled bricks sourced from the local area have been used in the finishes of the vertical communication elements, the storage shed and the technical rooms.

schemat konstrukcyjny

rozwiązania proekologiczne

construction scheme and eco-friendly solutions

© Yaroslav Panasevych

Motto. Now we have to be more active and courageous. The world is suffocating from concrete boxes. It is important to get out of the "box", beyond the traditional division of public and private space. Moving freely between inside and outside. By building a base of intermediate space and adapting an already existing structure using natural materials, we will improve the quality of life, build stronger social ties and overcome the dominance of boxes.



© Yaroslav Panasevych


Illustrations: © Author

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