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Vertical Oasis by FAAB architectural studio

08 of March '20
Technical data
Name: Vertical Oasis Building


Installations: Profen
Environmental Solutions: FAAB and VOS WCC


  • total (excluding parking)
  • retail
  • office
  • recreational
  • catering
  • hotel
  • residential
  • park

123 170 m²
37 744 m²
23 792 m²
5 668 m²
5 583 m²
19 758 m²
30 642 m²
712 m²

Total building height:

219,50 m

Number of floors above ground:


Number of floors below ground


Architecture studio FAAB has created a design for a building adapted to the challenges of today's world. The Vertical Oasis is an interactive creation with a height of more than 219.5 meters - it was conceived to influence its surroundings while communicating with the users of the building.

The main idea of the Vertical Oasis is to positively influence the surrounding space. To this end, it will be equipped with ECO-DNA, which will enable it to turn solar energy into electricity, reduce the building's need for high or low temperatures, and generate shade where it is needed, thanks to the geometry of the block. Oasis residents will be involved in the whole process so they can positively influence climate change. Such a "building of the future" is to combine multiple functions - residential, hotel, office and retail. It is designed for highly populated areas - large population centers, due to their higher energy consumption or generation of more pollutants, require particularly benevolent treatment. These will be provided not only by the building itself, but also by the occupants.


The developers of the project talk about the "green skin" of the Vertical Oasis - it consists of white elements made of BIPV active panels and glazing made with ClearView Power™ technology, both responsible for converting solar energy into electricity. In addition, the facade will also feature a vertical garden of specially selected plants and microorganisms, responsible for purifying the air. The naturally occurring processes then help not only cool, but also humidify the atmosphere. This "green wall" will also block out street hustle and bustle so that the Oasis can truly be an oasis.

przekrój niszy wiszącego ogrodu

cross-section of the hanging garden niche


The system of this "green skin" will be connected to the mobile devices of the building's users. Thanks to this, they will be able to control the plants overgrowing the facade, retrieve information about, for example, the amount of oxygen they produce, and even make real decisions about their appearance. The project includes prototype solutions, developed in cooperation with specialists in dendrology, climatology, zoology and microbiology, among others.

Now imagine a city where many buildings become such oases. A city that filters the air itself, converts solar energy into electricity and regulates the temperature....


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