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Week with Archicad 25 in Multibim

12 of September '21

Week with Archicad 25 is the next event organized by the Multibim brand, dedicated to the broader architectural industry, aiming to deepen the knowledge of practical application of Archicad software and interprofessional cooperation.

Multibim is the official nationwide supplier of Archicad software in Poland, as well as programs such as Bimsync, BIMcollab and Solibri. It periodically organizes openBIM training events, as well as workshops on the practical application of Archicad.

The upcoming Multibim event called "Week with Archicad 25" will be held from September 21 to 24, 2021 online, daily at 3 p.m. The technical part will be conducted by experts, practitioners and certified BIM Managers. In addition, structural engineers and plant designers will also join the speakers by special invitation. The entire series will be divided into four thematic days dedicated to issues related to structural design, installation design, as well as visualization.

September 21 - working with structural designers

During the first day, innovations related to the operation of the analytical model of structures in Archicad will be discussed. Practitioners and experts will also show how it can facilitate communication between architects designing in Archicad and designers analyzing structures in 3D software.

September 22 - working with installation designers working in BIM software

The meeting will present, in the form of a workshop, good practices for interprofessional cooperation between architects working in Archicad and installation designers using Revit.

September 23 - design and visualization

The third day will be devoted to new features in Archicad 25 related to work ergonomics, modeling, visualization, and design in general.

September 24 - new Multibim products and services

On the final day, the Multibim team will present new products and services, as well as show how to use the Multibim SUN add-on to analyze window insolation.

Participation in the live event is available and free for everyone. Just click on the link and register on the organizer's website.

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