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Weronika Wawrzyniak - "Space of music and ecology".

24 of November '23
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2023
Name: "Space of music and ecology. Design of multifunctional interiors for the Apple Blossom ensemble, located in the Warsaw Gasworks".
Author: Weronika Wawrzyniak
University: Faculty of Interior Design and Scenography at the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of Arts in Poznan.
Promoter: Dr. Natalia Kliśko-Walczak prof. UAP

Work submitted for the competition
"Best Interior Diploma 2022/2024".

The subject of the thesis is a space of music and ecology created especially for the Polish band Kwiat Jabłoni, which is formed by siblings Kasia and Jacek Sienkiewicz. It is a space where natural materials intertwine with inspirations from the world of music and create an equally inspiring place for work and rest. The project was carried out in one of Wola's rotundas, which are the remains of the capital's gasworks. The industrial and austere atmosphere of the building blends with the simplicity, minimalism and economy of forms of the interior itself.

Niższa rotunda w której umiejscowiony jest projekt

The lower rotunda in which the project is located

© Weronika Wawrzyniak

The project encompasses a private music space, including a recording studio, an intimate concert hall, a rehearsal space and a communal entertainment area. The interior is inspired primarily by music, so that it is consistent with the siblings' work.

Przestrzeń muzyki i ekologii, foyer

Space of music and ecology, foyer

© Weronika Wawrzyniak

An interview with the siblings allowed us to obtain information on which interiors they feel comfortable in, and to draw on their previous experience gathered during tours of Polish performance halls. This allowed us to create an interior that would suit Kasia and Jack and be in line with the less-waste philosophy they follow in life.

Rzut parteru

first floor plan

© Weronika Wawrzyniak

Nature has an impact on the musicians' lives, which we can see, not only by listening to their work, but also by observing the social actions they engage in. It's important that the very space in which they stay and create every day influences musical achievements and well-being.

Strefa relaksu

relaxation zone

© Weronika Wawrzyniak

The main material is architectural concrete, which was placed throughout the floor, walls and ceiling, creating a feeling of unity. The cozy element is oak planks, and the interior is accented with steel sheeting. Together, these materials create an industrial whole.



© Weronika Wawrzyniak

We can find musical references in the layout of the rooms located on the first floor, which is inspired by the sound placed in the analog grooves on a vinyl record. The number and arrangement of lights in the floor corresponds to the number of strings in the mandolin that Jacek plays—there are always four pairs of strings. The shape of the bench located in the center of the foyer corresponds to the circular label placed on each vinyl record, which contains the title and release information of the record.

Studio nagraniowe - wspólne pomieszczenie

recording studio—common room

© Weronika Wawrzyniak

In the private space designed for relaxation, the lighting refers to the band's name, which comes from a cheap wine—"Kwiat Jabłoni." Glass bottles were reused to create the lamps. Their dark green color adds to the coziness.
The modular cabinet corresponds to the layout of the keys of the piano Kasia plays. The upwardly illuminated neon lamps and the old and damaged analog records on them look like notes. The colors of the cabinets allude to the black and white color scheme of the keys.

Rzut piętra

Floor plan

© Weronika Wawrzyniak

A reference to the musical world can be found in the lighting placed on the walls of the studio—it resembles a propagating sound wave. Wooden beams were used as additional lighting in the main recording, vocal and piano rooms.

Projekt wnętrz wielofunkcyjnych dla zespołu Kwiat Jabłoni, zlokalizowany w Warszawskiej Gazowni

Multifunctional interior design for the Kwiat Jabłoni ensemble, located in the Warsaw Gasworks

© Weronika Wawrzyniak

Following the idea of less-waste, the siblings reuse old analog records in their work, while creating new and unique discs. This motif was used as a contrast to the delicate and simple wood in the auditorium. Colorful discs accent the minimalist form and appear in the corridors leading to the hall's exit. In addition, the inspiration of music finds its expression on the interior wooden wall. A stave along with the notes on it served as musical inspiration for the atmospheric lighting of the concert hall.


Illustrations: © Author

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