White Tulip. The first complete bathroom created by Philippe Starck.

13 of February '22

White Tulip - La Différence.
Philippe Starck's impressive complete bathroom range.

The unusual form of all pieces in the series refers to the organic silhouette of a blooming tulip, emanating an almost sculptural character. Expressive details and first-class workmanship meet even the highest standards. With its ability to blend with a wide range of styles, the versatile design of the White Tulip series is ideal for almost any interior - from an urban loft to the sophisticated ambience of a country home.

Kolekcja White Tulip

White Tulip collection

© Duravit

The monolithic design of the freestanding ceramic washbasin in particular attracts attention. If necessary, the basin can be attached to the wall or to the floor. Designed in the same style, the round countertop washbasin impresses with its aesthetically pleasing, gently sloping rim. The rectangular washbasin, when viewed from above, also reflects this form. It comes in two sizes, each also available as a furniture washbasin, as does a small hand basin that completes the range.

Matching wall-mounted and floor-standingtoilet bowls, bidets and a urinal complete the White Tulip series ceramics. The toilets are equipped with the new HygieneFlush technology. Independent tests show that this new flushing technology optimally cleans the entire inner surface of the toilet. The perfectly matched water flow creates a vortex that guarantees a perfect flush using just 4.5 liters of water. All new HygieneFlush toilets come standard with HygieneGlaze ceramic glaze to guarantee even greater hygiene. HygieneGlaze ensures that about 90% of bacteria (such as e. coli) are removed after six hours, and approx. 99.9% after 24 hours. The exceptional quality of White Tulip is also reflected in the new lifetime warranty that Duravit is offering on ceramic components in its offerings for selected countries.

Kolekcja White Tulip, wanna Kolekcja White Tulip, lustro i umywalka

White Tulip collection

© Duravit

The matching furniture is as remarkable as the entire series. The beveled, extremely carefully crafted edges attest to the precise composition of the White Tulip furniture, which is available in widths from 350 to 1300 mm. The furniture and matching half-height cabinets with two or three glass shelves are available in five high-quality colors in high gloss or satin matte lacquer. Alternatively, a solid wood finish in natural oak or American walnut can be selected for the fronts.
Satin-matte finishes have an unusual feature: minor scratches on these special varnishes "disappear" almost automatically, so the furniture always looks like new. In addition, the innovative fingerprint protection coating makes cleaning and care easier.

The distinctive chrome handle completes the elegant look. It can contrast with matte lacquers and solid wood surfaces or provide a striking element on high-gloss lacquer. Drawers equipped with ring handles close automatically. The handleless variant is also equipped with tip-on technology, allowing drawers to be opened with a gentle touch. Automatic interior lighting turns on or off when the drawer is opened or closed.
Additional practical storage space is offered in the combination of a round furniture sink with a matching under-sink cabinet, available in all White Tulip furniture finishes. The color of the shelves can also be freely selected. An additional accessory is a standing chrome console with wooden shelves, to which you can additionally attach one or two round towel racks on the sides.

Mirrors from the White Tulip series are available in sensor-controlled or app-controlled versions. The mirrored glass has an interesting appearance that makes the mirror surface around the illuminated area appear almost transparent. The light color can be synchronized with other lamps connected in the living area and can be controlled using the "Casambi" app, which has become popular in smart homes. This feature can be used to dim mirrors and turn their heating on and off.
The freestanding bathtub with seamless acrylic housing reflects the form of ceramics. The oval version is available in two sizes: 1800×800 mm, and 1600×900 mm for smaller rooms. The round tub with a diameter of 140 cm provides a spacious interior.

White Tul ip also includes the first faucet series developed by Philippe Starck for Duravit. A consistent design element is the tulip-shaped handle, which reflects the shape of the basins and bathtubs. The polished surface makes it exceptionally easy and pleasant to use, and the 160 finely engraved vertical stripes create a truly sophisticated effect. The basin faucets are available in various "comfort" heights S, M and XL. The range also includes bidet, shower and bath faucets.

The extraordinary design of the White Tulip series will add a chic touch to any interior. Innovative technologies, such as HygieneFlush, HygieneGlaze, tip-on technology, as well as mirror heating and app-controlled lighting, complete the feel-good experience.

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