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Włocławek has a new train station

16 of August '23

A modernist pavilion from 1974 has given way to a new building. A new train station has opened for travelers in Włocławek. The design of the new edifice was prepared by TPF in cooperation with AnArchi Group.

The new Włocławek train station building is fundamentally different in form and size from its predecessor from the 1970s, which replaced an earlier building from the second half of the 19th century. The edifice has three floors—the first floor houses the travelers' area with waiting rooms and toilets, ticket offices serving the railroad and bus connections. The first floor is occupied by the offices of the Communications Department of the Włocławek City Hall.

Wizualizacja dworca

visualization of the station

© PKP S.A.

The building has been adapted to the needs of people with disabilities—elevators and signage have appeared to facilitate the movement of the blind and visually impaired. Unfortunately, not all details have been solved correctly, as can be seen at the junction of areas for which different railroad companies are responsible. The exit from the station building to platform 1 is via several stairs, although it should have been designed without such barriers in the new building—the height was probably due to the parameters of the old platform, which has also undergone modernization in the meantime. However, it is still unknown when platform 2 will be modernized.

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Widok od strony peronów

view from the platforms

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The interiors of the station have been finished using a standard set of materials and details for this type of investment. White walls and gray granite and ironwork reign supreme. Unfortunately, in comparison with the interiors of its predecessor, the new building comes off poorly. The old station, despite its uninteresting exterior, offered spacious interiors with many details and original wooden finishes.

Wnętrze zburzonego dworca

The interior of the demolished station

Photo: Flyz1 | Wikimedia Commons © CC BY-SA 4.0

The opening of the station in Włocławek is another part of the consistent modernization of the Polish railroad. As a result, the residents of Kuyavia have gained access to safe and environmentally friendly rail infrastructure and the comfort of travel on the route to Warszawa and Toruń. I hope that such an architecturally interesting station building will become a landmark of Włocławek and will make rail travel easier for passengers ," says Andrzej Bittel, secretary of state at the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Parking rowerowy

bicycle parking

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The immediate surroundings of the building have undergone a metamorphosis. The investor emphasizes the representative role of the building, finished with copper oxidized sheet metal in brick-brown color and white cladding of composite panels. The mass opens with a dynamic overhang to the nearby station square, integrated with the building is the canopy of the bicycle parking for 48 stands. A square with benches and a pergola has also been arranged in the vicinity. Benches have also appeared in the northern part, as well as next to the station's main entrance and on platform number 1. 21 parking spaces for cars have been prepared next to the building, two of which are for people with disabilities.


waiting room

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Photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 33.2 kW have been installed on the roof of the station, and the energy they generate will be used to power the building. The lighting of the building was realized with energy-saving LED technology. The station is also equipped with an intelligent building management system, which controls the operation of equipment and installations, and so optimizes the consumption of electricity, heat and water. It also supervises the work of modern security systems, including monitoring or access control.

Przestrzeń przy dworcu

space at the station

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