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20th Anniversary of the National Association of Building Materials Manufacturers

23 of November '21

An anniversary conference to mark the 20th anniversary of the National Association of Manufacturers of Building Materials CERBUD, one of the older organizations of entrepreneurs in the construction industry, will be held this Thursday, November 25, in Kraśnik, Lubelskie Voivodeship.

The event, which will be attended by nearly 70 participants, is divided into two parts - the first including interesting lectures on traditional building ceramics, its history, the fate of the departing world of brick factories, as well as an ecological outlook on the future of construction; while the second part will be devoted to honoring persons of merit to the organization and the entire ceramic environment.

Honorary patronage of the conference was assumed by the Marshal of the Lublin Province Jarosław Stawiarski, the Mayor of Kraśnik Wojciech Wilk and the Head of the Kraśnik Municipality Mirosław Chapski. Among the main sponsors of the conference are the largest domestic manufacturers of ceramic building materials LEIER Polska S.A., ZCB Owczary R.E.R. Stępień Spółka Jawna, Klinkier Przysucha S.A. The conference was held under the media patronage of Architektura i Biznes.

More information about the conference on the organizer's website.

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