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A Revolution in Interior Measurements: 3D Laser Scanning in Construction

30 of January '24

Do you still believe in the power of precision of laser rulers for interior measurements before construction begins? If so, you've come to a great place! We're about to tell you about a revolutionary technology that is changing the face of the measurement market, and in this article we'll try to change your mind.

We are SCAN M2, a company specializing in 3D laser scanning of surfaces, which in turn reduces scanning time of large areas, increases precision and detailing. For more information, please visit our website.

Let's consider a real situation

Let's move to a situation where we have a project for the redevelopment of a huge factory, which in the future is to serve as a commercial center with multiple recreational areas and office spaces. Using 3D laser scanning technology, it is possible to develop the project quickly and economically. Each building has its own unique size and shape, and factories, usually built many years ago, are bound to have historical elements.

Outsourcing saves time and money, and increases the quality of the final result. Usually one person (rarely two) with a scanner arrives and performs the scanning within one working day, and with large facilities it can take several days. We arrange all the details with the owner.

If you decide to use manual measuring methods, it will be necessary to employ at least 5 people. Despite this, at the end someone has to carefully check all the data to verify its correctness and redirect it to the architect.


What happens after this scanning?

During the scanning, the scanner that we install at various locations in the building starts to create a point cloud of that location. The scanner takes millions of measurements per second, recording the spatial position of the points according to a system of coordinates (x, y, z). The result is a stitched together cloud of points and a three-dimensional digital copy of the object or its interior.

With the help of special software, we combine everything on the computer into one three-dimensional model and create a two-dimensional documentation of the entire project, customized to the client's needs. We then hand this over to the architect, who, based on our data, creates a plan of how it should be built, and construction can begin.

What are the benefits of this approach?

Outsourcing is an indispensable part of today's business - we can't even imagine running a company without using this form of service anymore: no need to worry about cleaning, accounting, legal services, logistics or delivery. Outsourcing is the key to business optimization, saving time and money.

Same with 3D laser scanning - a service that will not only significantly save you money, but also increase the profits of your business. We can appear anywhere in the world within 24 hours.

We have representation in Warsaw, Berlin, London, Dubai and Las Vegas.

This is an amazing time for the world to see how talented Polish architects are. Designers and architects from Poland are recognized all over the world.

Using this technology gives you the ability to solve any problem of varying difficulty around the world, wherever you are.

One person does the scanning, the other combines the point clouds and creates the documentation. This means that there are two key figures that make up this chain of success, rather than the previous 5+.


Do you have any questions? Contact us via the website here. Our specialists will answer all your questions. SCAN M2 is a company with innovations in construction project management.

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