Garage metaphysics, or values in practice - edited by BBGK


Garage metaphysics, or values in practice - edited by BBGK

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Malgorzata TOMCZAK

The metaphysics of the garage, or values in practice - edited by BBGK

There is a lot of talk about values in architecture. In fact, everyone talks about them. But not everyone makes them into a design methodology. And that's where BBGK's success lies - they have clearly and lucidly defined goals and a vision for everything that comes out of their studio. But actually that's not what I wanted to write about, because it's all described, shown and edited in a very interesting way in this issue of A&B. This issue of BBGK. Rather, I wanted to write about the fact that when you work in architecture and urban planning, watch even dozens of projects a day, follow discussions, debates, exhibitions, sometimes fight by various means for a better quality of urbanized space, you have a rational and sober view of things. Entering the world of BBGK projects and realizations, in addition to rationality and appreciation of very good architecture, outstanding at times, there is something else. Something that, after twenty years in the profession of editor of a magazine and portal about architecture, is not so obvious. It is emotion. Very subtle ones. You can feel them at the Katyn Museum, when you realize how much humility and tenderness define this project. You can feel them when we talk about the design of the Warsaw Social District, the Emilia pavilion, and even prefabrication, when the narrative about the hard work of construction workers shines through. I thank you for that.

I also thank you for this issue - extremely carefully structured and guided. Readers get a portion of wonderful, very interestingly described projects, conversations about how to change the world with design tools, a lot of sensitivity, knowledge and guidance. It was a great pleasure to work with you.

Table of contents


FOPA - three stories about architecture [10].

Fifth edition of the Festival of open architectural studios

GeneRations: they have their reasons [12]

VI edition of the Open Eyes Economy Summit

The most to be done in terms of communication [14]

Interview with Grzegorz Piątek
interviewed: Katarzyna JAGODZIŃSKA

At last, the center of Warsaw? [20]

The New Center of Warsaw project

Housing (for) plus: a breeze of freshness in multifamily construction [26]

The search for new forms of multifamily construction

City development policy vs. housing specs [32]

Interview with Marlena Happach
interviewed: Edyta SKIBA

Church and school as generators of public life [38]

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"

Adaptation of a mill to house an adoptive family in the village of Kula-Mill [40]

Competition "Best Diploma Interior Design"
Weronika KUŹMA

newsboard [42-47]

books, patronages, invitations, company news

Beauty is the key to sustainable design [42]

Review of Lance Hosey's book "The Shape of Green"
Joanna ERBEL

  • V edycja Festiwalu Otwartych Pracowni Architektonicznych
  • VI edycja Open Eyes Economy Summit
  • Rozmowa z Grzegorzem Piątkiem
  • Projekt Nowe Centrum Warszawy
  • Poszukiwanie nowych form budownictwa wielorodzinnego
  • Polityka rozwoju miasta a specustawa mieszkaniowa

e-publication supplement

New Spa House. Revitalization of the former spa complex in Szczawnica [e02].

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"
Katarzyna BOREK

Dichotomy of industry and nature. Concept for the development of the Port Island in Gdansk [e06].

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"
Magdalena OPANIA

Modernization of the Passenger Terminal of the Warsaw-Modlin Airport [e10].

Competition "Best Diploma in INTERIOR DESIGN"
Małgorzata GASTOŁ

Design of an art bookstore and reading room in Poznan [e14].

Competition "Best Diploma of Interior Design"
Joanna KULPA

  • Centrum Górskie przy ulicy Bronisława Czecha w Zakopanem – Tomasz JAŁOCHA
  • Pawilon Herbaciany - Sara KOWALCZUK-FIJAŁKOWSKA
  • PMuzeum I Wojny Światowej – multimedialne centrum historyczno‑edukacyjne - Łukasz DUDZIK
  • Projekt koncepcyjny przestrzeni coworkingowej w budynku mieszkalnym - Marta KAŁUCKA

theme of the issue


Towards a sustainable city - Wojciech KOTECKI
Values of a sustainable city
Balance in the urban scale


Grzegorz Gądek is interviewed by Aleksander MACIAK, BBGK
Emilia Pavilion, proj.: BBGK Architects


With Agnieszka Labus interviewed by Barbara Grochal-Kiepuszewska, Bartosz Świniarski and Jan Sienkiewicz, BBGK
Between - Katarzyna Mikulska on the space between the buildings of Jakoby Mulder and Aldo van Eyck


Mattijs van 't Hoff is interviewed by Zofia Piotrowska, BBGK
New Port in Bydgoszcz, proj.: BBGK Architects


Natalia Budnik is interviewed by Edyta Skiba, Bartosz Swiniarski and Jan Sienkiewicz, BBGK
Zieleniara - Marta Kulawik on Irena Bajerska


Alicja Kuczera is interviewed by Bartosz Świniarski, BBGK
Didactic building at 2/4 Bednarska Street, designed by Jan Belina-Brzozowski, Konrad Grabowiecki, Wojciech Kotecki


With Theo Naidoo interviewed by Filip Strzelecki, Jan Sienkiewicz, Bartosz Swiniarski and Zofia Piotrowska, BBGK

BBGK [108]

Jan Belina-Brzozowski, Konrad Grabowiecki and Wojciech Kotecki are interviewed by Malgorzata Tomczak

HITS and KITS - summary of 2021 [122]

Monika Arczynska, Tomasz Malkowski, Marcin Brataniec, Anna Cymer, Robert Konieczny, Jakub Glaz, Małgorzata Kuciewicz, Simone De Iacobis, Marek Kaszyński, Dominika Wilczynska, Barbara Nawrocka, Dominika Janicka, Agata Twardoch

The future is Indian [132].


What the future is for! [134]

Jakub GŁAZ

  • Metafizyka garażu, czyli wartości w praktyce – redaguje BBGK
  • Hity i Kity 2021
  • Jakub Szczęsny - felieton
  • Jakub Głaz - felieton

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