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proj.: eM4 . Pracownia Architektury . Brataniec

Malgorzata TOMCZAK

Landscape architecture

"Landscape architecture is a way of thinking, it should be included in planning and design in the broadest sense," stresses Urszula Forczek-Brataniec.

We devote the February issue entirely to landscape architects and discuss in detail the specifics of their profession. We want to show their perspective. In the context of climate change, at a time when we desperately need more greenery in urban areas, when landscape architecture should be a full-fledged element of urban infrastructure, work to improve the quality of life, co-create the urban bloodstream of the city, cooperation with landscape architects seems obvious, but often is not.

Katerina Gkoltsiou, president of IFLA Europe (International Federation of Landscape Architects) notes that "the profession of landscape architects is recognized as a full-fledged one all over the world, including by Unesco or the World Trade Organization, yet in some European countries there is resentment about its role and official title." So why do we often treat greenery merely decoratively? Do we allow healthy trees to be cut down in order to put up another building with underground parking? Surely it's impossible to stop building overnight and only revitalize the existing fabric, but maybe it's time to invite landscape architects into every project that is built? From the very beginning of the process - to help solve the problems of a given investment, and not to green up the aesthetics of the implementation. We, in any case, support this trend.

It is good to breathe clean air, it is good to live surrounded by greenery and trees, not only because it is pleasant. Mainly because it is simply healthy.

Table of contents


Wood - sensory and business [14].

Polish Pavilion - Expo 2020 in Dubai

Nostalgia and modernity. 88th Birthday of the Marine Station in Gdynia [18]

Interview with Szymon Jock and Anna Orchowska-Smolinska
interviewed by Błażej CIARKOWSKI

Designer in motion [26]

Interview with Dorota Kabala
interviewed by: Dominika DROZDOWSKA

Self-portrait eaten [32].

Interview with Kornelia Dzikowska
interviewed by: Anna WALEWSKA

"Architecture & Business", or the two best reasons to write about Bielsko-Biala [38].

Two-city Bielsko-Biala

Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE [44]

Settlement of the 10th edition of the contest
elaborated by: Ola KLOC

City house in Warsaw [48]

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"

Exhibition center
"Nucleus - beauty of science" [50].

Competition "Best Diploma Interior Design"

newsboard [52-59]

books, patronages, invitations, company news

Layette of a young explorer of the city [52]

Review of the book by Kasia Domagalska and Marta Kwiatek, "Small Architect. A toolbox for viewing the city"

  • Pawilon Polski – Expo 2020 w Dubaju
  • 88. Urodziny Dworca Morskiego w Gdyni
  • Rozmowa z Dorotą Kabałą
  • Rozmowa z Kornelią Dzikowską
  • Dwumiasto Bielsko-Biała
  • Rozstrzygnięcie 10. edycji konkursu Najlepszy Dyplom ARCHITEKTURA

e-publication supplement

FOR REST Center for Mental Health and Meditation [e02].

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"

House of the Written Word [e06]

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"

History of music - the Silesian context. Educational and promotional exhibition project [e10]

Competition "Best Diploma in INTERIOR DESIGN"
Ewelina MAMET

Design of the restaurant zone in the Murowaniec chalet and its surroundings [e14]

Competition "Best Diploma of INTERIORITY"

  • Centrum Zdrowia Psychicznego i Medytacji FOR REST – Kamila GOŁĄBEK
  • Dom Słowa Pisanego - Michał KARPETA
  • Historia muzyki – kontekst śląski. Projekt wystawy edukacyjno‑promocyjnej - Ewelina MAMET
  • Projekt strefy restauracyjnej w schronisku Murowaniec oraz jego otoczenia - Maria TALAGA

theme of the issue

moodboard [64]

#environmental engineering - Joanna RAYSS [64].
#landscape architecture standards - Lukasz DWORNICZAK [74].
#art in green design - Wojciech JANUSZCZYK [76].
#green roofs - Aleksander LECH [82].
#flower meadows - Karolina NAWROT [88].

Living archive of civilization [92]

Katerina Gkoltsiou is interviewed by Ania DIDUCH

Landscape architecture as a way of thinking [100].

With Urszula Forczek-Brataniec is interviewed by Alicja GZOWSKA

No greenery without water [108].

With Joanna Rayss talks Katarzyna JAGODZIŃSKA

Design and implementation of green areas [114].

With Piotr Reda talks with Marta KULAWIK

STANISŁAW DEŃKO (1943-2021) [120].

Memories of an architect - Prof. Witold Cęckiewicz, Piotr Wróbel, Artur Jasinski, Robert Kuzianik, Agnieszka Szultk, Agnieszka and Robert Ciuła

About colors [168].


Where does Poland pony up? [170]

Jakub GŁAZ

  • moodboard – Architektura krajobrazu
  • z Kateriną Gkoltsiou rozmawia Ania DIDUCH
  • z Urszulą Forczek-Brataniec rozmawia Alicja GZOWSKA
  • z Joanną Rayss rozmawia Katarzyna JAGODZIŃSKA
  • z Piotrem Redą rozmawia Marta KULAWIK
  • Stanisław Deńko (1943–2021)
  • Jakub Szczęsny - felieton
  • Jakub Głaz - felieton

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Polish Pavilion - Expo 2020 in Dubai