Young Polish architecture


Young Polish architecture


Malgorzata TOMCZAK

Young Polish architecture

Once a decade we publish an issue about young Polish architects and female architects. The last one was published in 2012. The young in architecture are those under the age of forty or so. We look at the new generation and ask about the biggest challenges they face in their daily professional practice. We look at how architecture, design trends, and peri-professional circumstances have changed over this decade. There are reflections on shifts of meaning in the debate, changes in attitudes towards the profession.

Getting started in this profession has never been easy, and the road to independence, well, quite risky. We do observe brilliant careers from time to time, but usually building a professional position is paid for with arduous hard work, full of sacrifices, sacrifices and struggles. For this, the first success, winning a competition, a good order taste delicious, emphasize everyone with whom I talk on various occasions.

We keep our fingers crossed for the young Polish design scene!
It is in their studios that our tomorrow is designed.

Table of contents


Here and now [20]

Jakub Szczęsny, Kuba Snopek - #New Trends in Architecture

Three perspectives on design [22]

Festival of Open Architecture Studios 2022 - LIVE visits to the studios of Reform Architekt, Design Lab Group and Sikora Wnętrza Architektura

The future to get drunk [26]

14th edition of Westival Art of Architecture 11-15.05.2022
Jakub GŁAZ

Re:Generation in Lodz [32]

16th edition of Łódź Design Festival 12-22.05.2022

My great Warsaw ADVENTURE [38]

From the series MULTI-CITY - Warsaw

Locating city offices [48]

Centralization or decentralization?

Seeing stones and spaces beyond the Valley [52]

A conversation with Paweł Wodziński about the Warsaw Biennale
interviewed: Anna WALEWSKA

A postulate to clothe architecture [58]

A conversation with the creators of the exhibition "House Clothed. Tuning in to the seasonal imagination"
interviewed by: Katarzyna JAGODZIÑSKA

Puzzles instead of puns [64]

Conversation with Cezary Tomaszewski - director and choreographer about space... not only theatrical space
interviewed by: Agata SCHWEIGER

Revitalizing the salt baths in Ciechocinek [70]

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"

Dream in architecture. Space in the face of aspects of everyday life [72]

Competition "Best Diploma Interior Design"

newsboard [74-81]

books, patronages, invitations, company news

With a guide among buildings [74]

Robert Konieczny, Tomasz Malkowski "Archiprzewodnik po Polsce" - review

Facts never bring splendor [76]

Andrés Barba "Life of Guastavin and Guastavin" - review

  • Festiwal Otwartych Pracowni Architektonicznych 2022 — wizyty LIVE w pracowniach Reform Architekt, Design Lab Group i Sikora Wnętrza Architektura
  • 14. edycja Westivalu Sztuka Architektury 11–15.05.2022
  • 16. edycja Łódź Design Festival 12–22.05.2022
  • Warszawa z cyklu Mateusza Zmyślonego pt. „Wielomiasta”
  • Lokalizowanie urzędów miejskich w Polsce
  • Rozmowa z Pawłem Wodzińskim o Biennale Warszawa
  • Rozmowa z twórcami wystawy „Dom odziany. Dostrajanie się do sezonowej wyobraźni”
  • Rozmowa z Cezarym Tomaszewskim — reżyserem i choreografem o przestrzeni… nie tylko teatralnej

e-publication supplement

Traces of history. Cultural heritage of a small town on the example of Żychlin [e02].

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"

The city as a series of landscapes. Project of development of the area of the right bank of the Vistula River on the section from the bridge Śląsko-Dąbrowski to Fort Śliwicki (Jasiński) with the Museum of Natural History in Warsaw [e06]

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE"

"Freedom from something" REGENRATION of the interior of the female ward of the Opole Detention Center [e10].

Competition "Best Diploma in INTERIOR DESIGN"

"Helios. Transparent rotating, multifunctional furniture [e14].

Competition "Best Diploma of INTERIORITY"
Malgorzata TUSZYÑSKA

  • Dziedzictwo kulturowe małego miasta na przykładzie Å»ychlina – Zuzanna WOŹNIAK
  • Muzeum Historii Naturalnej w Warszawie - Wojciech SZKARŁAT
  • „Freedom from something” REGENRACJA wnętrz oddziału żeńskiego Aresztu Śledczego w Opolu - Paulina RYBCZYŃSKA
  • „Helios”. Transparentny mebel obrotowy, wielofunkcyjny - Małgorzata TUSZYŃSKA

theme of the issue

moodboard [90]

#young polish architects
#starting in the profession
#conditions for practicing the profession

OSSA, or together [158]

With the organizers of this year's edition of OSSA
talks to Alicja GZOWSKA

Entitlements - why don't young architects and architects apply for them? [166]


A new generation [170]

With Maciej Miłobędzki
is interviewed by Katarzyna JAGODZIÑSKA

Piotr Smierzewski: "Gropius was wrong" [174].

With Piotr Śmierzewski
interviewed by Ania DIDUCH

People are watching! [180]


Non-stares [182]

Jakub GŁAZ

  • #młodzi polscy architekci #start w zawodzie #warunki uprawiania zawodu
  • Z organizatorami tegorocznej edycji OSSA rozmawia Alicja GZOWSKA
  • Uprawnienia — dlaczego młodzi architekci i architektki nie ubiegają się o nie?
  • Z Maciejem Miłobędzkim o nowym pokoleniu rozmawia Katarzyna JAGODZIŃSKA
  • „Gropius nie miał racji” – z Piotrem Śmierzewskim rozmawia Ania DIDUCH
  • Jakub Szczęsny - felieton
  • Jakub Głaz - felieton

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