Architecture and housing policy

Architecture and housing policy

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Malgorzata TOMCZAK

Architecture and housing policy

In Poland, we have a big problem with the entire housing sector. On the one hand, there is a shortage of affordable and accessible housing, on the other hand, development projects are being built in large numbers - as of the end of June 2022, 109,400 apartments had been completed and 881,600 were under construction. However, their architectural and urban planning quality is often unsatisfactory.

As Joanna Erbel and Zuzanna Mielczarek argue in an interview with Alicja Gzowska, housing policy in Poland does exist. Local governments have the tools and opportunities to finance the construction of new accessible housing, but they do not apply them on a scale appropriate to the needs. "Housing a right, not a commodity" is still an empty slogan.

Housing in Poland is built mainly by developers. With what results, more often than not? We can see, driving around Polish cities. In the Moodboard section we present well-known and high-profile housing projects of recent years, with apartment floor plans, worth a look. We also ask about the Scandinavian model - how to influence the quality of built housing? How to shape high-value spaces in the city? So all in all, we know how to do it, only that it's mostly in theory. And the reality is moving toward the dystopian visions of the craziest modernists.

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We should be responsible
In creating beauty [18].

A conversation with José Luis Cortés - president of the International
Union of Architects about the World Urban Forum 11
interviewed by: Łukasz HARAT

Baltic heated in Crystal kettle [24].

15th edition of Gdynia Design Days festival, 2-10.07.2022

Can and how can the Wawel courtyard be changed? [30]

Workshop of WA students of the Warsaw University of Technology
At the Wawel Royal Castle
Dobrawa BIES

Promised land again? [36]

From the series MANY
Mateusz WASHED

Local government ideologies [48]

How to avoid an unfavorable status quo?

Four lessons and a break [52]

On the architecture of contemporary schools in Poland

Objective, which means none [58]

A conversation with Agata Duda-Gracz - director and stage designer about,
when the theater begins and when it ends
interviewed: Agata SCHWEIGER

School for children with special educational needs (SEN) [64]

"Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE" competition

Revitalization of church ruins in Steblevo [66]

Competition "Best Diploma Interior Design"
Urszula KRAUZE

newsboard [68-75]

books, patronages, invitations, company news

  • Rozmowa z José Luisem Cortésem — prezesem Międzynarodowej Unii Architektów o World Urban Forum 11
  • 15. edycja festiwalu Gdynia Design Days, 2–10.07.2022
  • Warsztaty studentów WA Politechniki Warszawskiej na Zamku Królewskim na Wawelu
  • Łódź z cyklu Mateusza Zmyślonego pt. „Wielomiasta”
  • O architekturze współczesnych szkół w Polsce
  • Rozmowa z Agatą Dudą-Gracz — reżyserką i scenografką o tym, kiedy zaczyna się, a kiedy kończy teatr

e-publication supplement

Temporary city structure [e02].

The "Best Diploma in ARCHITECTURE" Competition

Touching the world.
Air as a stimulator of the senses
in physiotherapy and rehabilitation [e06].

Competition "Best Diploma ARCHITECTURE".

Architecture of coexistence -
Adaptation of space in the area
former tennis courts in Bielsko-Biała [e10].

Competition "Best Diploma of Interior Design".

Creative workspace.
Organization and arrangement of a coworking office
based on environmental studies [e14].

Competition "Best Diploma of Interior Design"
Izabela OSIAK

  • Tymczasowa struktura miejska – Izabela KOŁODZIEJSKA
  • Dotykanie świata. Powietrze jako stymulator zmysłów w fizjoterapii i rehabilitacji - Marika STANISŁAWSKA
  • Architektura współbycia – adaptacja przestrzeni na terenie dawnych kortów tenisowych w Bielsku‑Białej - Agnieszka NICZYPORUK
  • Miejsce pracy kreatywnej. Organizacja i aranżacja biura coworkingowego oparta o badania środowiskowe - Izabela OSIAK

issue topic

Housing policy already in place [78]

With Joanna Erbel and Zuzanna Mielczarek
interviewed by Alicja GZOWSKA

Housing the Danish way [88]

With Piotr Zbierajewski
interviewed by Katarzyna MIKULSKA

Experiment with tradition [102]

With Kinga Zemla
interviewed by Ania DIDUCH

Throwing a pie, an act of public displeasure, or you can do anything [110]

With Magdalena Milert
interviewed by Marta KULAWIK

moodboard [114]

residential #architecture
#no empty meters
#the role of local governments in shaping housing policy
#housing shots of the most talked-about investments of recent years

On comfort [142]


Theanus of our time [144]

Jakub GŁAZ

  • Polityka mieszkaniowa już istnieje
  • Mieszkanie po duńsku
  • Eksperyment z tradycją
  • Rzucenie ciastem, akt publicznego niezadowolenia, czyli możesz robić wszystko
  • #architektura mieszkaniowa #bez pustych metrów #rola samorządów w kształtowaniu polityki mieszkaniowej
  • Jakub Szczęsny - felieton
  • Jakub Głaz - felieton

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