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Acustio with prestigious Red Dot: Best of the Best 2020 award

08 of April '20

The Polish company, which designs and manufactures acoustic solutions for offices, won this year's "Oscar" in design, standing out from more than 6,500 other projects. Acustio was awarded for its unique Silentum collection and the Sound Pillar, a soundproofing column that is part of it. Acustio's solutions are present in the most prestigious offices in Warsaw, Paris, Berlin, Vienna and London, among others.

Soft felt with a distinctive three-layer edge, available in countless color combinations, applied to 18 specially designed panels, fused on an almost 2-meter column. These features are combined in the Sound Pillar from the Silentum collection from Acustio. It was this collection that impressed the 40-member international jury that awarded the Red Dot Awards, known as the Oscars of industrial design. The result? Acustio, as the only company from Poland and one of the few in history, was awarded the highest Red Dot award: Best of the Best. The award went to just 67 products this year, mostly those belonging to the most famous brands, such as Apple (for the AirPods Pro), Ferrari (the SF90 Stradale model) and Villeroy&Boch.

Combining beauty with excellent acoustic properties is our obsession. Each of our solutions and each of our collections have been created with the goal of becoming not only a functional element of the office, but also its decoration. Red Dot: Best of the Best confirms what top design offices, as well as employees themselves, tell us. Acustio is world class when it comes to design and quality," emphasizes Mateusz Gaczkowski, founder of Acustio, as well as one of the designers of the awarded collection.
I am always impressed when the jury tests and evaluates the nominated products during heated debates. It is not easy to pass this sieve. Therefore, I can say with absolute certainty that the products with the Best of the Best award are absolutely the best of the best," says Dr. Peter Zec, founder and president of Red Dot.

The Silentum collection from Acustio was developed for the most demanding office spaces, where sound attenuation has so far often required compromises between aesthetics and effectiveness. The highest possible noise absorption class (A) means that, in the case of Silentum Series furniture, the felt Sound Pillar absorbs excess sound in glass rooms and conference rooms, for example. So do the wall-mounted panels, available in many color combinations.

Silentum series solutions are designs refined to the last detail. They diametrically improve the comfort of work, thanks to their placement, for example, in the corners of demanding rooms. At the same time, they are not just a technical element. They create the atmosphere of a given place," emphasizes Mateusz Gaczkowski.

In recent months, hundreds of Acustio acoustic furniture solutions, available in 10 collections, have gone to the most prestigious addresses. These include the headquarters of a global bank in the Canary Wharf complex in the City of London, the Wrocław headquarters of Credit Agricole Group - one of the largest newly opened offices in Central and Eastern Europe, but also the new L'Oréal House Warsaw office in Browary Warszawskie, awarded the Prime Property Prize 2019 for the best commercial space, by Trzop Architekci.

Red Dot: Best of the Best is not only a source of pride for us, but also a commitment. The company is growing very dynamically, we are preparing more unique collections, we get inquiries and orders from all over the world. Our design solutions are on an upward wave," announces Acustio's CEO.

Acustio is one of the leading Polish manufacturers of acoustic solutions for offices. They consist of 10 unique collections that dampen noise even in the most demanding areas. Desk panels, wall panels, desks, acoustic booths, columns or baffles, and soon lamps, all have common features: a unique three-layer edge and a fresh, innovative design. The production technology invented by Acustio's founder is a competitive advantage - a seamless, glued and pressed edge, made of 3-4 mm felt. This makes Acustio furniture found in the most prestigious office spaces in Europe.


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