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Air conditioner with HEPA filter and air ionizer - Midea Blanc

15 of April '20

Air conditioning, associated until now only with comfort, carried the stigma of not being a healthy solution. With the idea of combining air conditioning technology (heating and cooling) with HEPA filtration and air ionization - the situation has changed. We can combine the comfort of using air conditioning in a room along with concern for our health! Brilliant in its simplicity idea. And most importantly - the air conditioner does not lose its original functionality and efficiency in the process. Quiet as before, with a fast air supply that meets the expected effect of cooling (or heating) in a short time, and at the same time has a positive effect on our health - an elegant weapon to fight pollution and pathogens for our time.

Indoor comfort conditions are affected not only by temperature, but also by air cleanliness. Its measure is the degree of pollution by dust, gases, vapors and odors. It is the ionized air, or rather the size of the ions, their polarity, their concentration in the air and the physicochemical properties of the ion carriers (aerosols, bacteria) that have a special effect on the human body.

Effects of ions in the air on human health

Beneficial effects on our body are shown primarily by negative ions and small ions of both polarity - both positive and negative. Positive ions have an unfavorable effect on our health and well-being.

Air containing a preponderance of negative ions causes a feeling of freshness and therefore has a good effect on human well-being. In contrast, airborne dust and bacteria generally have a positive charge. Thus, stuffy and dusty air, in which there is a preponderance of positive ions, causes a feeling of fatigue, weariness and a decrease in the ability to concentrate. People in such a room experience a feeling of dryness in the air and irritation of the mucous membranes. This can cause general malaise. Humans are generators of large positive ions. The stay of several people in a closed room therefore leads to an unfavorable state of air ionization in relation to the outside air (based on A. Pełech Ventilation and air conditioning - fundamentals. 2013).

klimatyzator Blanc posiada
wbudowany filtr HEPA i jonizator powietrza, bardzo ciekawe połączenie technologii oczyszczania powietrza

Blanc air conditioner has a built-in HEPA filter and air ionizer, a very interesting combination of air purification technologies

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Multifunctional air ionizer - for dust, smoke and allergens

Midea meets this by offering an appliance that has a Super Ionizer in its product range. This split BLANC series, thanks to its functionality, can provide fresh and healthy air in the room. Releasing negative ions and small positive ions, it will eliminate unpleasant odors, dust, smoke from the environment. Super Ionizer air effectively precipitates allergens, dust mites, pollen and plant pollens.Released negative charge attracts airborne pollutant particles transferring to them its negative charge, as a result, the particles stop floating in the air and fall to the ground. Negatively ionizing the air improves our mood and concentration. It also has an anti-stress and regenerative effect.

The Super Ionizer has been evaluated for air disinfection effectiveness by SGS-CSTC Consumer Testing Services Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Branch for several types of viruses. The test shows the percentage distribution and reduction of viruses present in the air. The tests are continuously updated by more virus types, we will present the latest results soon.

Air conditioner with HEPA filter - crystal clear air

The performance of the BLANC air conditioner is also supported by the installed high-efficiency HEPA air filter. The material from which it is made has pores with a size of 0.3µm. The size of the pores is crucial in the context of MPPS, the most penetrating particle size. The use of HEPA filters in air conditioners allows 99% of dust larger than 0.3µm to be retained, resulting in sterilized and clean air. The HEPA filter also traps fungal cells (including mold), bacteria up to 95% and parts of viruses (i.e., having a size no smaller than 0.3µm), thus minimizing the amount of microorganisms in the air, which translates into clean air coming out of the air conditioner and increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the unit.

What about functionality? The HEPA filter does not affect noise and so-called compression. As explained by Michal Stawiarski, product manager at Zymetric Sp. z o.o. - General Representative of the Midea brand in Poland. The filter does not cover the entire exchanger. It is designed to harmonize with other elements, which in combination are to give the expected effect. It is mounted on the inside of a high-density mesh filter. This is such a "slice" located in the central part of the airflow, where the greatest capture of various particles through the main stream is foreseen. The expert points out that the air may somewhat bypass this filter, since, as mentioned, it does not cover the whole, but nevertheless this larger part will be filtered.

This is all in order to preserve the basic functionality of the air conditioner's operation, namely cooling and heating. Answering the question of whether it is better to buy an air conditioner with a HEPA filter or not is like wondering whether we want to take even more care of our health," he says.

An air conditioner with a super ionizer for the allergic and chronically ill....

In conclusion, air conditioning units with super ionizer should be invested in by allergy sufferers, asthmatics and people complaining of respiratory diseases. Adding a HEPA filter - the circle of recipients may increase to include immunocompromised people.

As we know, viruses are spread by the droplet route, in other words, by inhaling air. Air is a gas that moves. Air conditioning, in addition to cooling and heating, forces air to move through the room where people are. Our device reduces the possibility of movement of unwanted air particles by using ionizers and HEPA filters. They are the ones that remove all these pollutants to a large extent," stresses Michal Stawiarski.

Air conditioner not only for the home

A BLANC unit with such functionality is an ideal solution not only as a home air conditioner, but will also work well in commercial buildings, hospitals, healthcare facilities, nuclear power plants, food and drug plants. Midea announces that more units with Super Ionizer will appear on the market later this year, in turn, the installation of HEPA filters is possible in each of the brand's units.

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