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A dialogue about the alternative path of design. A conversation with Envisions design Lab

25 of May '20

Online discussion titled. "Re-Envisioning the path to the end product".

Roca is launching a new initiative #rocagalleryconnects inviting renowned architects and designers from around the world to talk about architecture live on the social media channel.

Coming up on Monday, May 25, 2020 at 5 p.m. is a live conversation on @rocagallery_official with Envisions design Lab. This is a multiple award-winning young studio that dialogues with design icons offering an alternative path.


Roca Gallery

Roca has been providing a platform for international dialogue about architecture and design for years. Previously through meetings, lectures and discussion in Roca galleries, today due to the current situation there is an increase in online initiatives. One of them is the participation of successful designers and architects in the #rocagalleryconnects project. This is a series of "live videos" in which invited designers address relevant topics for the development of architecture and design.

Roca Galleries, were established around the world to pay tribute to design and architecture. They were and are meant to bring together communities that value architecture and design. They are a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas on innovation and sustainability. They were designed by great design offices from around the world.

The first one was created in Barcelona as an expression of Roca's values and brand identity , which since 2009 has presented the history of the brand, the company's dedication to design, innovation, sustainability and the idea of well-being. It was followed by others in Madrid, Lisbon, London Shanghai and Beijing.|.

source: meeting organizer information

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