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Guardian Glass introduces even clearer, anti-reflective Clarity™ Neutral glass

14 of October '22

Guardian Clarity™ Neutral is a glass that was developed to meet the growing demand for neutral, high-transparency glass for architectural applications, as well as specialty applications such as advertising screens, storefronts and museum displays. This advanced anti-reflective coated glass provides the highest transparency of any Guardian Glass product, making the image viewed through it even more faithful and neutral.

Clarity™ Neutral glass has a reflectance of 0.6%, providing visually less reflectivity than any other product in the Guardian portfolio. Compared to the previous version of Guardian Clarity anti-reflective glass (with a reflectance of 0.7%), Guardian Clarity Neutral™has even greater transparency, thanks to the removal of the bluish reflection that appeared on the glass surface. This makes the reflected light appear more natural. Even in underexposed rooms or diffused light, Clarity Neutral™ glass reduces unwanted reflection and refraction, and is less affected by changes in light angle and frequency. The new glass is more neutral and more faithful to the colors it sees.

According to Liam Williamson, European Product Commercialization Manager at Guardian Glass:

Clarity Neutral™ is the most transparent glass in the Guardian Glass product family. For architectural monolithic applications such as facades, curtain walls and glazing, architects will be able to create crystal-clear, transparent glazing with greater freedom, making the building fit in better with the surrounding infrastructure. When it comes to special applications such as storefronts and museum displays, glass for picture frames and refrigerated counters, Clarity Neutral™ glass reduces reflection and glare to such an extent that it appears almost invisible, and the objects viewed through it are clearer and more natural.

Clarity Neutral™is designed to be used successfully over ExtraClear® float glass or Guardian UltraClear® low-iron float glass. The product is available in sheets from 3 to 15 millimeters thick in a variety of sizes, including a jumbo size (6,000 × 3,210 mm). The glass is available in annealed or tempered versions, depending on expectations for enhanced safety. The glass, which is coated on both sides, is protected by a single layer of protective film for easy processing.

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