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Antibacterial wallpaper with silver ions. Active protection against pathogens

17 of May '20

Muraspec wallpaper protected with Biomaster® antimicrobial technology.

Antibacterial wallpaper is a good standard in facilities such as offices, hotels and restaurants. Biocidal coatings protect users from fungi, mold and bacteria. Muraspec customers have wallpapers with the highest quality Biomaster® antimicrobial protection. Nothing prevents such wallpaper from being used in the home as well.

Technologia Biomaster® © MURASPEC

Wallpaper as active protection of interiors against pathogens

The most important role of wallpaper in commercial interiors is to protect walls from dirt. Reality has recently shown that hygiene should also be equally important. And it's not just about the ease of cleaning and sanitizing walls, but active protection against threats such as mold, fungi and bacteria.

As awareness of the need to raise hygiene levels grows, so will market demand for antibacterial products, predicts Barbara Lukasiak, sales director of Muraspec. - Wallpapers with biocidal coatings have been present in Muraspec's offerings for years. Biomaster® by Addmadster, is an effective protection against bacteria. We recommend them especially to hotel, office and medical center investors as a good standard.

Antibacterial wallpaper - how does it work?

Biomaster® from the renowned Addmaster brand is a coating based on silver ions known for their antibacterial properties. The silver used in the Biomaster® coating is inorganic and does not leach out, which means that, unlike organic antibacterial agents/technologies, it remains in the product to which it is added. The controlled release of the active ingredient provides maximum antibacterial protection 24 hours a day and for the life of the product. Silver ions inhibit the growth or multiplication of bacteria, as a result, bacteria die.

Durability of antibacterial coating application

From a utilitarian point of view, it is important that the Biomaster® coating applied to the surface of the wallpaper permanently penetrates it and is active for the entire life of the cladding. It shows activity against many pathogenic bacteria, including campylobacter, MRSA, e.coli, legionella, listeria and salmonella, and many others. Biomaster® can be used on any type of vinyl cladding.

It is possible that with the use of the Biomaster® biocide, Muraspec wallpapers can contribute to more effective prevention of infections in healthcare facilities, educational and public facilities," adds Barbara Lukasiak.

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