APA Wojciechowski Sp. z o.o.

We have been present in the market in various forms of ownership since 1982.

APA - Autorskie Pracownie Architektury PP

In 1982, a group of leading Polish architects created a company called Autorskie Pracownie Architektury (APA). At the time, we operated under state management, as this was the only possible form of architects' activity, enabling them to win design contracts. As a group, APA was a buffer between the communist government of the time and the actual independent activity of firms.

The beginning of our activity is connected with the person of arch. Zbigniew Pawelski. Together we developed the Headquarters of the Brothers of St. John of God in Warsaw, a church in Otwock, an apartment and production building for the Polish Association of the Blind, and many designs of offices and buildings for individual investors.

Ownership transformation

The loosening of restrictive legal regulations allowed a group of architects affiliated with APA to create more and more independent forms of activity, and as a result of economic changes in Poland in the early 1990s, APA split into several private studios (hence several companies working under the name). And so in 1993, after the retirement of arch. Zbigniew Pawelski, APA Markowski Wojciechowski was established.

Our beginnings in the new economic situation in which Poland found itself were very difficult. Clients previously heavily subsidized from the West, with the advent of the new rules, abandoned their business in our country. APA Markowski Wojciechowski began to set its sights on new markets.

First successes and further development

Our first important contract reflected the political changes in Poland. It concerned the reconstruction and adaptation of part of the building of the Polish-Soviet Friendship Center for the headquarters of Amerbank in Warsaw - the first foreign bank in our country. This opened a window for us to cooperate with foreign investors, which resulted in further orders. Amerbank's lawyers, Vinson & Elkins, engaged us to design their company's headquarters, and then recommended us to the Coca-Cola corporation, etc. The list of our clients gradually grew to include large international companies like Procter& Gamble, Volvo, Shell, Texaco, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Nestle, AIG/Lincoln, Hewlett-Packard, ING Bank, Coty, Burger King.

The company's successes related to its initial operations were the result of a combination of our professionalism, enthusiasm, knowledge of CAD techniques and fluency in English in negotiations. Our understanding of not only the architectural, technical, but also the formal aspects involved in contracting with a client also proved invaluable. These factors contributed to the rapid growth of the company.

In 1994, we employed 4 people, five years later - 33 people, now - 82 people, including 75 architects.

For nearly 10 years we have been among the 10 largest architectural firms in Poland on the list published by the Book of Lists publishing house.

Join venture with Aukеtt company

In 2000, our studio formed a joint venture with Aukett - a renowned British architectural firm, active in European markets, listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Aukett + APA Wojciechowski (A+A) was formed. The main goal of its establishment was to combine the knowledge of British specialists about the European market, with our knowledge of the Polish market.

As a result of the change in Aukett's attitude towards the Polish market and the establishment of Aukett Poland, the two companies decided to end their cooperation through the joint company A+A; this company was taken over by ours.

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