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APA Wojciechowski Architects studio with the best vision for Solidarity Square in Gdansk. Competition results

17 of November '23

The results of a study competition for the revaluation of Solidarity Square, along with guidelines for shaping its surroundings, have been announced in Gdansk. The main prize went to the APA Wojciechowski Architekci studio. The jury appreciated the expressive urban-architectural arrangement of the square, divided into three functional zones: memory, green and urban.

The study urban-architecturalcompetition "Revitalization of Solidarity Square in Gdansk with guidelines for shaping its immediate surroundings" was organized by the Municipality of Gdansk. The results were announced on November 17. Thirteen competition works were submitted, three of which received awards. The competition committee also awarded two honorable mentions.

The priority, according to the jury, was to create a coherent space that would conform to the urban vision, while improving the accessibility and aesthetics of the site.

The winner was the APA Wojciechowski Architekci studio. The competition team consisted of Szymon Wojciechowski, Jafar Bajrashewski, Yaroslav Panasevych, Hubert Natroff, Michalina Dutkowska, Nadia Surowiec, Viktoriia Sliusarenko, Vikor Shupliak, Ostap Ivaniv.

Główna nagroda: APA Wojciechowski

Main award: APA Wojciechowski

mat: APA Wojciechowski

the place where the world began to change

As described by the winners, "the purpose of the proposed concept is to clearly define the framework of the square and the character of each of its spaces, as well as to properly connect the square to the city.

In doing so, we tried to reinforce the message that this is where the world began to change," the designers point out.

The winning entry is based on two main ideas: the amphitheater-like continuation of the motif of the original circles, and the enhancement of the original concentric symbolism of the circles by adding a radial motif of sparks.

The amphitheatrical shaping of the northern and western parts of the square clearly separated the sacred zone - with a spatially obvious focal point - from the lively and potentially bustling urban space. The raised plane of the amphitheater creates space for commercial development that shapes the urban zone. The designed layout of the circles defines the direction of the formation of the public space, overlaps with the city in places, and enters the interior of the ECS to create a new pedestrian loop, binding the space of the square and its surroundings into a single whole," emphasize the designers from APA Wojciechowski Architekci.

three zones

As judged by the jury, the main prize (PLN 40,000) was awarded for the expressive urban-architectural arrangement of the square, divided into three functional zones: memory, green and urban. "Green zone - introducing urban and park greenery into the square, strengthening the framework and character of the square, while separating it from busy streets and connecting it with the Road to Freedom. Urban zone - centered around the reconstructed Nowomiejska Street, supplemented by streetcar traffic. The main element is an amphitheatrical hill, which introduces an attractive element that develops and strengthens the existing composition of the square."

Zwycięski projekt APA Wojciechowski

The winning project by APA Wojciechowski

mat: APA Wojciechowski

Thesecond prize (PLN 30 thousand) went to the design team composed of Tomasz Bekas, Alicja Maculewicz, Jan Matusewicz. Third prize (PLN 20 thousand): To the project by Slawomir Kopa. In turn, honorable mentions (PLN 10 thousand) were awarded to Łukasz Modrzejewski, Jakub Kozaczenko, Konrad Zaborski, and the design team: Roman Ruczyński, Łukasz Bugalski, Barbara Bugalska.

II nagroda. Zespół projektowy w składzie: Tomasz Bekas, Alicja Maculewicz, Jan Matusewicz.

Second prize. Design team composed of Tomasz Bekas, Alicja Maculewicz, Jan Matusewicz.

press mat.

new life for a symbolic square

There are several reasons why the city has just now decided to look for the best vision for the square, which has great historical and symbolic value. The space, which was realized in 1981, has already heavily degraded - the square is now in urgent need of renovation. Besides, new commercial and retail housing developments are being built in its vicinity. This is not the end of the story, as there are plans to develop the Imperial Shipyard and the Drewnica peninsula. As a result, this place is becoming the central square of the emerging district.

- We are dealing with a space that is insanely important for Gdansk. It is an element of our DNA. Not only an element of history, first bloody and then peaceful and joyful, a place where various important things happened, but also a place where we see the character of this part of the city changing. It has changed from an industrial area to one where people come and meet. We can also see how the space around the shipyard is changing. New buildings are being constructed around Solidarity Square and the European Solidarity Center. This place needs a coherent concept, but in order for it to be smart, we need precisely your ideas, your knowledge and your inspiration," Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, mayor of Gdansk, said at the ceremony.

A public presentation of the works along with a post-competition discussion will take place on December 12.

I nagroda - pracownia APA Wojciechowski Architekci

First prize - APA Wojciechowski Architekci studio

press mat.


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