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The studio was established in 2012, when during a social meeting 3 interior architects - Joanna Wybrańska, Milena Całka and Bożena Zaitz - decided to look for a place to work together. After a short but intensive search, they managed to get a place in a post-industrial building in the center of Krakow at 72 Dluga St. Sharing a common space - at first on a co-working basis - gave room for thinking about closer cooperation.

It turned out that the experience of renovating a rented space together and later consulting ideas, exchanging experiences, contacts, and simply helping each other in various situations, improves the quality of everyday functioning in the service market. In a word, in a group strength.

At the moment PRACOWNIA DŁUGA 72 offers to carry out the interior design of any space - house, apartment, apartment, office, restaurant, hotel, store ..... We are not afraid of difficult and demanding tasks. We also offer the possibility of investor's replacement and turnkey project.

With time, more and more ideas for the future emerged, including:
Workshop panel, several lectures at the Krakow Art School on the direction of the School of Interiors and Spaces and Visual Merchandising, allowed us to discover the need to show young adepts of interior design and decorators, the workshop of an interior designer, which resulted in the idea of organizing weekend workshops, covering both aspects of work methodology and ways of working with clients.


There was also the idea of signing their projects proven in earlier realizations with a common brand - these are furniture and decorative elements used in interiors.


The need to exchange experiences, discuss design and trends, also made the Long 72 studio a space for periodic industry meetings, allowing representatives of friendly companies to meet on professional grounds in a relaxed atmosphere and often discover new opportunities - meetings with artists and craftsmen resulting in later interesting realizations.

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