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Designing modern single-family houses, INOSTUDIO architects design studio was founded by Magdalena Wolska and Zbigniew Gierczak. The office specializes in the design of modern and energy-efficient single-family homes and interior designs.

We specialize in designing modern, minimalist single-family houses and their interiors. Very important for us is the concept, the idea for the house and the idea for the interior. Consistently following it, we arrive at solutions that fit well in a given place, are individual and distinctive, and after construction and during use, the idea for the house is still visible from the outside and inside. With bold thinking we create bold and innovative designs for houses and interiors. Our projects respond to the needs of the users: functional and aesthetic, however, we always try to create something new. Each project additionally creates unique added value, which complements the basic function in interesting solutions and unique space.

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