Konior Studio

Konior studio is an architectural studio founded in 1995 by Tomasz Konior. Numbering nearly 30 architects, the team specializes in the realization of public buildings, such as the headquarters of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice, which opened in October 2014.

As they write about themselves:

"Through years of practice designing and supervising the realization of many buildings, we have gained valuable experience becoming a partner for both individual and public clients. We express the conviction that in the whole process of design and construction the most important thing is the human being, in the context of time and place, nature and culture. Transforming space, we strive to create friendly places. In architecture, we value its urban context, in which the spaces between buildings are as important as the buildings themselves.

Building tradition, good continuity and consciously applied innovation allow us to create a healthy environment and a cohesive city. We continue to improve our skills by taking on new challenges. We design in any scale and different, often extreme complexity.

We have specialized in the implementation of public buildings. So far, the largest realization and the most valuable reference has become the headquarters of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice opened on October 1, 2014."

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