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Tomasz Konior guest of the series Awakening

Ola Kloc
19 of May '21

In the series "10 Questions to..." he said that he draws inspiration from places and situations, that he would like to have the opportunity to create a project together with Peter Zumthor to learn from him, and that he divides architecture into good and bad. In turn, he will talk about his childhood, his time as a student, his career and his professional dreams in the next episode of Awakenings tomorrow, May 20. Tomasz Konior will be the guest of Thursday's series of talks.

Awakenings, a series of morning conversations with people from the creative industry, is being created as part of the anti-RAMA collective 's project Street Cloud, a microtalk about urban culture. In tomorrow's episode, host Lukasz Harat will talk with Tomasz Konior, architect, urban planner and founder of the Konior Studio.

In addition to questions about the course of his career (from his childhood dreams to the beginnings of his professional career, typical of the series), Lukasz Harat will ask the guest about the European New Bauhaus, about the origin of the love of music for the author of many concert hall buildings (including the Academy of Music in Katowice, the NOSPR National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra Seat in Katowice, the State Music School Complex in Warsaw and the Philharmonic Hall in Brno), and about what it's like to be a cityholic.

Thebroadcast of the Awakenings will take place on May 20 at 9 a.m. on FACEBOOK and the YouTube channel:

The mini-interview in the series "10 questions to..." can be found here.

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