Kubieniec Długosz

The history of the studio began in 2013. The first project completed under its banner, was a store with Silesian design, Geszeft. This project was widely commented and appreciated in many industry competitions and became an important factor for me to further develop the studio. Thanks to it, I later completed many other projects, gaining further experience. Since 2017, I have been working with Katarzyna Długosz on the implementation of many of them.

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology, which has a strong influence on the design approach of the studio. We are close to the values of the so-called Silesian school of architecture. We try to focus on the problem, not just on showy solutions. In our work we are not concerned with decoration. Rather, it is the result of design decisions. We develop projects in terms of their functionality, technical feasibility and durability. We think about the project comprehensively; starting with the concept and ending with the author's supervision and photo session. We work with proven specialists and contractors from various industries. The entire design process is developed together with the client, with whom we talk, consult and analyze various aspects and possibilities, trying to understand his point of view and needs. We work with both individuals and representatives of business or public institutions.

Despite being firmly rooted in the Silesian design landscape, where modernism is a frequent inspiration, we try not to stick to one style, but rather look for different solutions, suitable for specific audiences. On the one hand, we observe global trends, and on the other, we also look at local traditions. Some of our designs are characterized by simplicity and minimalism, and others by greater play with form, texture, color. All this is the result of conversations, meetings and specific expectations that we want to respond to.

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