Walking through the zones - three-piece apartment

18 of May '22

An impressive arrangement has been realized in Wegrzyce near Krakow. The interiors of the house were divided into several levels, dictated by the slopes on the plot and the directions of the garden. The project was developed by the Kubieniec Długosz studio.



Photo: Marek Swoboda, ©Kubieniec Długosz


The house was divided into several levels, resulting from the topography of the plot. Entering the house we find ourselves in the entrance zone overlooking the green garden. We can climb the stairs to the level above where the children's rooms and guest rooms are located, or go downstairs where the living zone, open to the garden, is located. Beneath the living zone, another part is located, which is accessed by a wooden staircase. This is the private part, with a separate bathroom, dressing room and bedroom.

The part that communicates the zones is the staircase - the main core of the house. What distinguishes the staircase is its light openwork and compatibility with raw concrete ceilings.



Photo by Marek Swoboda, ©Kubieniec Długosz

living room blue

The living room interior opens to a small kitchen and dining room. On the floor, the decision was made to use dark wood parquet flooring arranged in a simple pattern. Two navy blue sofas reign here, creating a resting place in the house. Note the concrete ceilings left in place.

Living room, kitchen and dining room

Photo: Marek Swoboda, ©Kubieniec Długosz

Next to it is a dining room for eight people. A table made of solid wood with thick legs focuses all the attention. The choice of lamps is interesting. They are small, flat circles attached on twisted wires.

The kitchen is a minimized space. A small kitchen island divided into two parts separates this zone from the dining room and living room. The fronts of the development are mainly delicate white and light brown wood color. The kitchen island is also a space where you can eat breakfast or drink coffee.



Photo: Marek Swoboda, ©Kubieniec Długosz

pokój prywatny


Photo: Marek Swoboda, ©Kubieniec Długosz

compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

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