Minimalist interior with home office

27 of May '22

The Katowice design was inspired by the modernist townhouse in which the apartment is located. From the forms, colors to the details, everything was to relate to the building outside. The project was developed by the Kubieniec Długosz studio.

Work on the interior began with modifications to the functional layout. The built-ins in the entrance area were expanded, allowing for a larger furniture closet. One bathroom was also added. The change also affected the kitchen space, where a small utility room was separated and a closet with a hidden desk was placed.

skrytka obok kuchni z miejscem do pracy w domu

A storage room next to the kitchen with a home office space

photo by Marek Swoboda, ©Kubieniec Długosz

A wall full of books

In the living room, the space is defined primarily by the wall built-ins. Here, a wooden labyrinth of shelves full of books constituting most of the items placed here was decided upon. Next to it you will find small accessories like an astronomer figurine or vinyl records. There is also a television, built into the whole. The living room is complemented by a navy blue sofa with extremely sharp edges.

salon z regałem

living room with bookcase

photo by Marek Swoboda, ©Kubieniec Długosz

eating space

From the living room we walk through a large open door to the dining room. It is a simple space. On the floor, a classic parquet floor laid in a herringbone pattern was decided upon. The table is a rectangular piece of furniture, finished with half-circles, focusing attention in the space. The chairs, interestingly enough, differ in shape. They are united only by the color - strong black. Above the table, lighting is provided by three, symmetrical and elegant lamps. On the wall a color accent was decided in the form of a painting.



Photo: Marek Swoboda, ©Kubieniec Długosz

Island and storage

The kitchen is white and black. The lower cabinets are black, while the upper ones are white. On the floor, it was decided to use white tiles and black tiles separating them from the other surfaces. The kitchen island is a simple slab of gray color, accompanied by three three-legged chairs. On the other side, in addition to the pantry, you will find an interesting hidden room - it's a small home office enclosed in a wooden cabinet.

kuchnia z wyspą

kitchen with an island

Photo: Marek Swoboda, ©Kubieniec Długosz


In the sleeping space, the decision was made for strong white combined with wood. In the parents' room you will find a very low bed with gray built-in furniture. In the daughter's room, separated from the others - a similar layout with more white.

parents' bedroom

Photo: Marek Swoboda, ©Kubieniec Długosz

pokój córki

daughter's room

photo by Marek Swoboda, ©Kubieniec Długosz

tiles and plants

In the toilet, black and gray tiles were decided upon. Part of the development resembles extremely effective terazzo, that is, the well-known and often pejoratively assessed terrazzo. An interesting solution is to separate the plants and place them behind glass. In this way we introduce greenery, but do not harm them with excessive moisture and lack of light.



photo by Marek Swoboda, ©Kubieniec Długosz

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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