is an architectural studio in Warsaw, where we create home interiors, but also commercial. A comprehensive project includes visualizations, graphic documentation, selection of materials and author's supervision of the implementation. In our studio, projects are created in response to your needs and visions. But at the beginning there is always...

A favorite style, the right color palette, the right furniture and accessories that together create a harmonious whole perfectly suited to the owner. Using my knowledge, experience and passion in creating spaces, I create interiors where you can feel truly at home. Therefore, in my studio, together we look for the right direction and optimal solutions, so that the result is a project that meets your needs and expectations. And we are helped by.

Knowledge and experience
To accurately respond to your needs, we combine knowledge, passion and many years of experience. For more than fourteen years I have been designing interiors and today I know that sometimes it is worth going beyond the usual schemes and established canons, reach for solutions that no one has used before and, based on my own experience and knowledge, create something completely unique: an original project that will have...

Beauty and functionality
Even the most beautifully arranged apartment that does not meet the basic functions will remain only an object of short-term infatuation. My task and mission is to design a space in such a way that it captivates with timeless beauty, but at the same time is perfectly functional. I am convinced that today it is possible to surround yourself with unique objects, which, in addition to unusual design, are distinguished by excellent usability.

Malwina Morelewska

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