PORT Józef Franczok, Marcin Kolanus

PORT means openness for us. The courage to look far into the unknown. The breathing of fresh air. A place where different vessels arrive and depart. Port contains many meanings. Diversity and stability, technology and elemental power, freshness, smell and taste of the ocean... Cooperation and individuality. Freedom, joy, sometimes longing. We will add after Christian Norberg-Schulz - "A harbor, by the way, is one of the most commonly recognized types of place, and in many languages this word is used as a synonym for security and belonging. [...] For people growing up in ports, the boat becomes a significant means of communication, giving them great freedom to choose their paths."

Projects are the time of our lives, so when we take on an assignment, we try to do something beautiful, important, or interesting. We do things that we believe in, that we think are good and that we can derive satisfaction from. We reach out to the achievements of philosophy, engineering, technology, sociology, psychology, biology, economics... We try to work interdisciplinary. Sometimes we are guided by intuition, sometimes by a sense of humor. We try to seek the best solutions in dialogue with people and our own beliefs. We do not flatter if we think an action is false. We analyze problems. We believe there are good solutions. We handle the investment comprehensively - from consulting, through all stages of design and author's supervision.

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