Projektive Architekci

Projektive Architekci is a design studio founded by M.Sc. arch. Karolina Wilgucka-Burzyńska in 2008. Currently, the company is headed by architect Karolina Wilgucka-Burzyńska - owner and chief designer ,and Izabela Maciejewska-Gałaś - design partner.

The team develops interior designs, single-family buildings, as well as landscape. The term "women's power" fits the Projektive team perfectly. The design team is made up exclusively of women who support and inspire each other at the same time. Each of them is different but this is what makes the studio's work so rich and diverse. Female architects are best at complex assignments. The design of the house, its ideal location on the plot along with the garden to a coherent interior concept. Projektive creates spaces that are friendly to people - their needs, habits and dreams are a priority in the creation and implementation of the studio's projects.

The team consists of several young and equally talented designers who, while differing from each other on the level of temperament, style, wonderfully complement each other at the same time.

This amazing mix of solid education, talent and passion in what they do results in realizations that are often breathtaking and are always refined to the smallest detail.

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