SPOIWO studio

We are a team of architects who think creatively about space, aiming to bend it to the individual needs and requirements of the client as efficiently as possible, while taking care to bring a new and unique quality to each place. We operate in the broad field of interior design and architecture, both residential and commercial, we design furniture.

Olga Sajnóg - Dabek

In 2008 she gained an apprenticeship at Hootsmans Architectuurbureau in Amsterdam, and then continued to develop her competencies at interior design studios and furniture manufacturers in Cracow.
She loves the style of 50/60' and art deco, as well as innovative solutions for furniture details. She designs and creates photorealistic 3d visualizations of interiors and furniture.

Ewelina Ziolkowska - Jacyków

Architect with a construction license in architectural specialty to design without limitations. She has gained many years of professional experience in design offices in Cracow and at developer investments.
She adheres to the principle that a thorough local inspection and interview at the construction site are the basis of a good project.

Gaweł Jacyków

Architect with many years of experience, professionally engaged in making professional 3d visualizations and animations. In SPOIWO studio she makes photographic documentation of our realizations and products, co-creates design department and helps in realization of photorealistic visualizations.

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