Tamizo Architects

Tamizo Architects is an original design studio, specializing in architecture and interior design. We also work in industrial design, graphic design and urban planning. What we value most in design is sincerity and simplicity. However, we understand that simplicity at its best requires perfection. Therefore, when designing, we place special emphasis on the role of details and precisely selected materials. We believe in the power of the most natural, real ones, such as stone, concrete, wood and glass. Their unique character defines the entire arranged space, which escapes both the established patterns and the destructive process of aging.
The timeless effect is also enhanced by carefully selected lighting - one of the key aspects of good design. With an insightful look at the light in the space, we are able to properly control it, creating the right atmosphere and composing its zones according to the investor's individual needs.
Years of experience and challenges that we have managed to overcome have allowed us to develop a proven design methodology. It involves a constant study of the relationship between form and function. Thinking about the solid, we consider what effect a change in function has on it.... and vice versa. An open mind and a deep understanding of the design process help us create interesting, bold, often unorthodox concepts.
Why do we value simplicity? Because, as Leonardo da Vinci said, "simplicity is the highest form of sophistication." We feel good about ourselves as minimalists and believe in the power of simple, though not necessarily easy, solutions. Their functionality harmonizes perfectly with the style and form of the design.

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