Trzop Architekci

The design team led by Bartosz Trzop consists of creative and experienced designers for whom architecture is not just a job.

The main activity of Trzop Architekci studio is the design of office spaces for the largest domestic and foreign corporations in the Polish market. We have already completed nearly 300,000 sqm of office space, and our clients include such companies as Google, Microsoft, Honeywell, Santander and L'Oréal. A smaller but equally important part are cubic projects, among which you can find office buildings as well as single-family houses or residences. TA is one of several studios that created the Koneser Press Center, designing two buildings and an exhibition center there.

We assume that the design of a building or interior, is not only to meet the expectations of the investor, but also to improve the quality of life and health of users through the proposed solutions and materials.

An important idea cultivated by TA designers is sustainable development. We attach a very big role to ecology, and therefore both the selection of appropriate materials and energy-efficient and healthy systems for the building. Most projects in the studio are created according to the principles of LEED or BREEAM certification. Also the designs of office spaces, based on the idea of creating a maximally healthy and friendly working environment, are based on the principles of Well Certificate.

An important feature of our projects is also the flexibility of the designed space. In today's rapidly changing world, way of living and working, it is important that the building can adapt to a new function or the same function performed differently. This is a very important element especially in office design, where organizational processes, and therefore the space, must keep up with technological innovations and changing ways of working. The office today is supposed to reflect the culture of the organization, integrate and support it, but also inspire employees and adapt the space to new realities, ways of communication and business strategies.

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