ZARYSY - interior architecture studio, a place where creativity is complemented by courage in design. We want to develop awareness and sensitivity to design, we are constantly looking for new inspirations and solutions so that our projects are distinctive, unique and surprising. At the same time, we know that even the most modern interior should remain "home". We put our heart and commitment into every project, so that the space we design is cozy and personal, but also unique every time.
For this reason, we take on only a few projects a year, which is where all our attention is focused. The artisanal nature of the studio allows for an out-of-the-box creative process far from the usual patterns.
Jan Sekuła - Architect, heart and mind ofZARYSY studio . Explosive mix of practical approach with a passion for details and what is beautiful. Thanks to him, each project is full of impressive original solutions and character. His sense of aesthetics definitely lies somewhere between Bergen and Stockholm, where not only his inspirations come from, but also two Norwegian cats that literally and figuratively enter his head :)

Products for Home – articles

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