Bedroom and bathrooms showing the many faces of nature

03 of March '23

The 238 sq. m. house in Środa Wielkopolska is surrounded by nature. This is what inspired Jan Sekuła of Zarysy studio, who created an arrangement combining raw materials with the warmth of wood and multiple textures. Previously, we have already presented a three-level children's room that is part of the house. Now we take a look at the bedroom and three bathrooms.

An enveloping bedroom

The bedroom was to be a place that promotes tranquility, rest and relaxation. Jan Sekuła wanted to create an interior that one would want to return to after a hard day. The proximity of greenery and nature outside the window, as in the rest of the house, inspired the architect to use a muted natural color scheme. The architect opted for contrasting combinations. The gray of the stone floor is punctuated by the expressive soft quilting behind the bed. The texture of the quilting in combination with felt gives the interior a cozy feel. The large window opposite the bed was highlighted with light wood and greenery. A pull-out TV was hidden in the built-in. A wooden milled wall and a simple geometric graphic placed on it expose the minimalist character of the bedroom.

Pikowanie za łóżkiem Frezowana ściana

Quilting behind the bed and the milled wall

Photo: Tomo Yarmush

Felt bathroom

The bathroom area was separated from the bedroom only by a felt partition. The architect was keen not to disturb and "cut" the space. Such a solution looks impressive and allows to maintain intimacy. The entire bathroom is kept in a color scheme consistent with the bedroom. Dark green simple cabin etry is highlighted with delicate gold handles. The countertops were made of graphite terrazzo. A large number of mirrors gives the interior an elegant polish.

Ciemnozielone szafki w łazience Filcowe przepierzenie

Felt divider in the bathroom

Photo: Tomo Yarmush

Maroon accent

The bathroom located on the first floor is a very simple and elegant interior. The rawness of the stone and wood is broken by the warm maroon color of the cabinetry. Although the stone and terrazzo may seem heavy, thanks to their textures and highlighted with subtle gold details, they create a cohesive, natural, and delicate interior.

Bordowe akcenty w łazience Kamień na ścianie w łazience

Maroon accents in the bathroom

Photo: Tomo Yarmush

Children's bathroom

This interior, on the other hand, has a completely different character from the other bathrooms. The materials and color scheme are consistent with the rest of the house. However, the architect wanted this room to be energetic, but not typically childish. The bathroom can grow with the child, while still serving guests when needed. With a wooden beam on the ceiling, it looks more like a bath room than a typical bathroom. The dark stone with interesting texture and subdued green was broken with a distinctive yellow frame and tiles with a geometric pattern. This, combined with the graphic above the bathtub, makes the interior warm, cheerful and dynamic.

Łazienka dziecięca łączy zieleń i żółty Nad wanną znajduje się grafika

There is a graphic above the bathtub

Photo: Tomo Yarmush

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