Three-level children's room

15 of February '23

Jan Sekuła of Zarysy studio designed a truly fairy-tale room for a girl. The room, although clearly divided into zones, intermingles on all three levels and is a place not only impressive, but also, developing imagination.

Fairytale world

Rounded doors in two sizes invite you into a somewhat magical world from the start. The architect wanted the children's room to be an inspiring little world of its own for the child. Being in it was to be a kind of adventure. The designer also focused on not losing the character and atmosphere of the children's room to design a place that could "grow" with Zosia without major changes.

The room already looks spectacular by its sheer height. Three separate zones were designed on 3 levels: study, play and sleep. To build these three levels, it was necessary to create a staircase. However, Jan Sekuła wanted to avoid designing them in a typical shape. This is how a plywood building with an irregular topographic shape was created, which looks very modern. At the same time it organizes the room and clearly separates its different parts. Thanks to such a treatment, the room turns into a small land that encourages play and allows comfortable entrance to the next level of the room.

Sklejkowa zabudowa

Plywood building

Photo: Tomo Yarmush

Study space

On the first level a study space was designed. Thanks to the irregular shape of the platform, it was perfectly possible to fit a desk into it. Right next to it, there is a lot of shelves for books and toys. A graphic wallpaper adds lightness and a childish atmosphere.

 Biurko zostało wpisane w schody

The desk was inscribed into the staircase

Photo: Tomo Yarmush

Play area

On the second level there is a play area. It is decorated in bright, cozy colors. Zosia can play on comfortable poufs by the window or a large platform. An additional play feature is a hanging swing.

Zaokrąglone drzwi wejściowe

Rounded door

Photo: Tomo Yarmush

Mezzanine bedroom

On the mezzanine, a place for sleeping and resting was created. Here the atmosphere of the interior changes slightly. The mezzanine in the form of a wooden tree house looks very impressive. On the ceiling of the house a dark night sky full of stars was painted. Meanwhile, a motif of mountains made of plywood appears on one of the walls. For safety, a delicate railing was placed at the mezzanine, and a comfortable double-sided handrail was placed at the ladder.

Schody przyjęły interesującą formę

The staircase took an interesting form

Photo: Tomo Yarmush

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